Nintendo NX: Developers give update on future Mario title’s potential

The Nintendo NX's release date will be revealed in 2016

NINTENDOThe Nintendo NX’s release date will be revealed in 2016

More Nintendo NX news is expected in 2016, where many backing the games giant to reveal a platform of devices under one banner.

Recent reports indicate that cloud gaming could play a major role in the console range, which could also include a handheld spinoff device.

Developers from the Pokemon Company have discussed their plans to expand on the NX, while others have also shared updates on what they plan to do on it.

But what kind of content can we expect? Nintendo have been busy with new IPs, Splatoon for Wii U proved a hit with fans, while its colourful design and gameplay was seen as a refreshing move in an over burgeoning third person shooter genre.

However, even though no firm plans have been revealed, Nintendo look to be ready for the challenge of developing the next generation of games using their most famous character, Mario.

Nintendo developer Takashi Tezuka said he wanted the gaming icon to continue being the company’s centrepiece, whatever they have in store for him.

“That Mario has been loved so much up to this point is nothing short of miraculous, although obviously this is in part the result of the untold work of multitudes of people, not limited to just the developers at Nintendo,” he told GamesMaster.

The Nintendo NX could be more of a gaming platform rather than just one device

NINTENDOThe Nintendo NX could be more of a gaming platform rather than just one device

“It’s impossible for me to imagine what Mario will go on to become in the future, so I am very excited to find out. However, I do hope that even after 30 more years, Mario continues to be Nintendo’s lead videogame character.”

Nintendo recently discussed the idea of a new Super Mario Galaxy 3 title on either the Wii Uor Nintendo NX console.

Commenting on the subject of the critically acclaimed Mario Galaxy genre, Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that he thought that the Wii U could still serve as a good platform for a new game, although it would prove an easier task on something like the Nintendo NX.

NINTENDOMario looks set to continue being Nintendo’s top star

“[A new Mario Galaxy] is always in discussion,” he said.

“However, we can’t make so many games at once in parallel.

“As the hardware technology gets better and advances, I think there will be a lot of opportunity for both options.”