New Trend in Fashion: The Joggers!

People who follow the fashion trends closely and carefully must be aware of the new trends in menswear as well as women swear which are called as Joggers. These pants can be called as upgraded version of exercise wear or work-out gear. Although it is true that these pants were designed as exercise wear, the comfort and utility of it made the fashion industry take note of these pants. As the fashion industry made the pants a new trend, people seem to be happy with it. This jogging pant may resemble sweatpants in look but they are actually very different from sweatpants. The similarity between these two is that both types of pants are cinched at waist and ankles and are roomy at the legs. The difference between these two is that of the fabric and the weight of the pants. Where the sweats pants are heavy as they are made of thick cloth, these jogging pants are very lightweight due to the fabric from which they are made. Sweatpants make you feel warm whereas these jogging pants allow the breathing room to your legs making them cool. As these jogging pants do not have buttons or belts or zips, they are very easy to wear and comfortable to carry.

Various looks which you can create using the Joggers

  • Casual Chic look

You can create a casual chic look if you wear some black jogging pants with a striped shirt or t-shirt. If you combine it with some leather boots and a leather jacket, you will just look like a cool member of a bikers’ club.

  • Shopper chic look

You can try for a casual look for a day of shopping with your friends. Combine a plain jogging pant with a tank top and stilettos, and you are ready to have some fun with your friends.

  • Semi-formal look

You can also wear these jogging pants if they are tailored with legs which are not cinched but tapered. Wear them with a plain shirt and black heels, and you are ready for those office meetings.

  • Perfect sophisticated look

 You can wear these jogging pants even If you want to create a sophisticated look for an evening dinner. Wear a turtleneck with some leather jogging pants and compliment them with black pumps and you will be the sleekest and beautiful lady out there.

  • Academic look

You can also look like you are part of an Ivy League college with these Jogging pants. Compliment these pants with some leather shoes and belt them with a shirt or a blouse tucked inside, you will look perfectly studious and sincere. You can add a tweed jacket and you are ready for your college.

  • Sporty look

As these Joggers as the work-outgear, they will create a great sporty look for you. Wear them with a leather jacket and t-shirt and some canvas shoes and you will fit perfectly at an evening at a basketball game.

  • Classy look

Wearing some linen jogging pants with patent pumps and aslimt-shirt without any accessories will give you a classy look. You can create an even more upscale look if you add a long sweater and sunglasses to this look.

As you can see that a good pair of black jogging pants can help you in creating various looks by changing the tops and accessories. So this is really a valuable addition to your wardrobe. Not only these pants are stylish and fashionable, they are most practical and comfortable item of clothing for men and women. This single item of clothing can create many different outfits and, therefore, they are very easy on your wallet too. These jogging pants are available at very reasonable rates and if you want some designer jogging pants then they are also available in the market. So grabbing a pair of these cozy and comfortable jogging pants will be the best decision as far as your wardrobe is concerned.