New car registrations up 12% in November


New car registrations rose 11.6% in Hungary, from a year earlier, to 6,590 in November, the Hungarian Vehicle Importers Association (MGE) said yesterday, citing figures from Datahouse.

In January-November, new car registrations rose 14.1% to 70,081.

MG projects 75,000 new car registrations for the entire year of 2015, 15% more than last year.

Light commercial vehicle registrations increased 15.9% to 1,867 in November from a year earlier. MGE projects that the full-year number of vehicle registrations in this category will reach 17,000, up 6% from last year.

Jato Dynamics said company purchases accounted for 79% of all new car registrations in November, with private car purchases making up just 21% of the total.

Ford was the most popular brand in November (including passenger cars and commercial vehicles), with a 12.2% market share.

In the category of passenger cars, Skoda was market leader with an 11.2% market share, followed by Opel, Suzuki, Volkswagen and Ford.