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In the land of cruisers, bigger truly is better. Two years ago, Yamaha introduced its Road Star, featuring a 98 cubic inch (1600cc) v-twin with 99 foot pounds of torque arriving at 2250 rpm at the crank. The Road Star is the torque king of production v-twins, and features the largest displacement production cruiser engine at this point.

With a five-speed transmission transferring power from the huge pushrod motor to the rear wheel via belt drive, the Road Star has all of the features you would expect in a classically designed cruiser. Modern engineering touches like four valves per cylinder, forged pistons and ceramic composite cylinder bore plating evidence Yamaha’s commitment to performance and durability with this machine.

The long, 66.3 inch wheelbase contains a beautifully designed and detailed machine. As it had with its Royal Star cruiser a few years earlier, Yamaha painstakingly, and effectively, styled the Road Star to reflect the classic cruiser look.