Motor salvage code could put consumers at risk



Proposals for a new code of conduct on how to scrap cars have been criticised for protecting insurers at the expense of the consumer by the National Association of Bodyshops (NAB).

The Vehicle Identity Check (VIC) that’s required before repaired write-offs are allowed back on the road is scrapped, leading to a review of the Disposal of Motor Salvage code. Frank Harvey, head of the NAB, claims the new code exposes buyers to the risk of the unregulated sale and repair of write-offs. “At no point in the new code is there any mention of controlling the sale or repair of written-off vehicles,” he said.

“Badly damaged cars, deemed uneconomical to repair by insurers, can therefore be purchased and ‘repaired’ by anyone, irrespective of skill, ability or equipment. They can then be sold on to unsuspecting consumers, putting the drivers of these vehicles and other road users at risk.”