Moto Z Series Gets a New Moto Mod – The ‘Edge’ LED Notification Light


Moto Z Series Gets a New Moto Mod - The 'Edge' LED Notification Light

Smartphones these days are enroute to stagnation in form factor and design, but Lenovo brand Moto tried to break the monotony with its Moto Mods that can be slapped at the back of its Z series smartphones. The Moto Mods are accessories that can enhance some features on your Moto Z smartphones, while also beautifying them at the same time. Until now, Moto Mods have only been available from the company itself or big third-parties like JBL, with doors open for other smaller kickstarter projects to commence developing their own Moto Mods built out of developer programme. We are now seeing one of these smaller projects that is essentially a LED-notification light frame called the Edge.

The ‘Edge’ Moto Mod is an Indiegogo project that aims to make you look at your phone only for the notifications that you want to look at. It is an RGB lighting system for Moto Z smartphones that glows when notifications arrive on your smartphone in four different patterns. You can personalise different apps that will be pushing notifications on your phone with a plethora of colours from a colour palette. Apart from this, you can also see battery status along with charging status, group your notifications, customise SMS and phone calls separately, and smart save auto switch-off/on feature among others. All of the aforementioned things can be managed through a dedicated app.

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There are another two variants of the Edge Moto Mod – Edge Force and Edge Air. The Edge Force mod packs a 2000mAh battery inside it while the Edge Air supports wireless charging for your Moto Z smartphone. The project is due reaching its goal of $15,000 after which only it will be able to ship the Edge Moto Mod in July at $55 – however the latter variants are going to cost $59 with additional shipping charges.

To recall, Motorola last year partnered the Indiegogo campaign to encourage mod development for its Moto Z smartphones, following its plan to open Module Development Kit for smaller third party developers.