Migrant gang sex traffickers using UK car washes as brothels


Unsuspecting drivers are being approached by migrant gangs who are offering them girls for sex at car washes.

The gangs are being probed by a task force set up to crack down on human trafficking and modern day slavery.

A former detective who oversees the operation said he had received complaints from shocked motorists in north Wales who had been approached by the foreign workers and asked if they are looking for sex, the Daily Post reported .

James Coy, the North Wales Anti-Slavery Co-ordinator, said: “We don’t have a red light district in north Wales but we do have sexual exploitation.

“We are seeing a trend across north Wales and the UK where single male customers are going to hand car washes and are being offered sex.

“A migrant worker or a group of migrant workers will clean a car and ask,

‘Do you want to go inside? There are two ladies’.

“It’s prostitution. They are often Eastern Europeans but very vulnerable people.”