Marvel Future Fight 1.5.0 update notes with Chapter 9, 10


We can now bring you some official news on the upcoming Marvel Future Fight Agents of Shield update. We now know this will be the Future Fight 1.5.0 update and we have some early notes for you to enjoy, as we wait for the update to go live.

If you haven’t heard, the update will be available on October 7. In the meantime, Netmarble has given a preview of what to expect by releasing a partial list of the Marvel Future Fight 1.5.0 patch notes.

The notes state that 5 new characters are coming to the game – these are Phil Coulson, Sif, Quake, Deathlok and Lincoln. This is a bit confusing, as there’s no mention of Melinda May, Raina or Gordon who were also confirmed to be coming.

There’s also no details yet on the Bobbi Morse costume for Mockingbird, which you can see in the official teaser image below along with Melinda May – perhaps, this backs up early predictions on one of the two being locked away via the Premium Comic Cover system.


Elsewhere, Netmarble has finally acknowledged the Alliance Battleworld feature which was leaked some weeks ago. It’s coming and it looks like it is going to be a ‘horde’ type mode, which will let you and your Alliance members take on enemies of increasing difficulty.

Level 60 heroes are confirmed too at last which we also told you about early. However now it looks like this doesn’t have anything to do with Rank 7 and you can simply just level your characters to 60 by normal means, and get 10 more full energy recharges with perhaps a max energy increase to 120 on top – something hardcore players will appreciate.

Probably the biggest news of the day, is that Future Fight Chapter 9 and 10 are coming with 1.5.0. This is fantastic news and will hopefully mean that some of the characters that don’t have an Elite mission will get one – we discussed this idea in an article earlier this Summer.


The twist is that the new Agents of Shield characters are inside Chapter 9 or 10, meaning that you are going to need some high level characters to clear those missions.

It also could imply that there won’t be a new Special Missions tab, but instead putting those 5 characters above inside high-level elite missions – we hope you are ready for that.

Remember that this just the Future Fight 1.5.0 update preview. Once the full notes are live we will update this and add them in for you.

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