Make the Most of the Best App Lock Ever

Everyone wants their phone to be protected from the hands of strangers. Things have become so complicated that you will not even trust your friend with your Smartphone. So, what is the best way to keep it safe from everyone? There have been talks about app locks and how to use them, but nothing beats the ease and efficiency of Privacy Guard. This app lock has been highly recommended by its users and has also been voted as the best. It has set an example for all the future app locks and the features that they should come with. In short, it would be the perfect protection for your Smartphone and not even the best of hackers would be able to break it down. What makes this app so much better than the others? Let’s find out.

Security with speed

There are two things that every Smartphone user wants: one is safety of their phone and second is the speed of their phone’s performance. LEO Privacy Guard will provide you with both. It is not only great for your phone’s security, but it has the ability to boost the performance of your phone quite easily. One of the main reasons why users have called it the safest app is because it allows its users to lock each and every app individually. Practically, you will be able to lock the gallery, text messages, soft copy of important documents and everything else that is there in your phone. Nowadays, people use the social networking sites from their phones and this is another way of hacking into your phone. You can lock these apps as well that let you connect to those sites. After you are done using any app, you can close them and use the feature that allows you to free the RAM that the app was using till now. This will improve the performance of your phone and make it work faster than before.

Beauty secret

Privacy Guard is such an app lock that will never fail to surprise you with its impressive features. There are features like Fingerprint, Unknown Caller, Error and Beauty Cover. With these 4 covers you will be able to unlock any app that you previously wanted to lock. Moreover, if someone tries to be cheeky when you are not around by checking your phone, you will be able to see who that person was because of the disguise feature. Apart from the basic features like popping up an error when you accidentally type the wrong passcode or draw the wrong pattern, you will find a whole bunch of features that would keep your phone secured.

Free the phone

Another thing about LEO Privacy Guard that will surely win your hearts is the phone boost feature. It frees up the RAM space taken up by the apps that you have used and with one tap you can free that space and make your phone work faster. As soon as you tap on the boost icon, you will see a rocket coming up on your screen and whizzing past to free a lot of RAM.