Major Tips on How to Inspect a Used Car Prior to Purchasing

Major Tips on How to Inspect a Used Car Prior to Purchasing

The used cars are in great demand in the pre-owned market. People buy them 3.5 times more often than new ones. There are several reasons for this. For those who do not have enough money, this is the only opportunity to drive. For others, this is a conscious choice. Some succeed, and they find the car of their dreams. Others, fall into the trap of scammers having no idea how to choose an auto. How to scrutinize your auto-to-be and aspects that need to be paid special attention to?

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There are two possible ways how to inspect a used vehicle before purchasing:

1)     Verify a Car by VIN Number

This is a good solution for people who suggest something wrong with a potential deal. You can receive a fullVIN report from Faxvin or any other reliable company. It includes police reports, servicing, ownership history, etc. So, you will be totally sure that you buy exactly what you expect from your dealer.

2)     Make an Inspection Yourself

If you have certain knowledge in mechanics or simply don’t believe any reports, start your inspection from the following parts:

The Body

The body is an expensive part – it requires the most attention. If the car is about 3 years old, and you discover rust, then do not acquire it. The car was either painted or was in body repair.

The Paint

The paint should lie flat – without transitions and patches. If you know how to use a thickness gauge, take it for the meeting. Sellers that have something to hide are afraid of it.

The Interior

When inspecting the interior, pay attention to the wear of the steering wheel, seats, and rubber bands on the pedals. Turn the ignition on and inspect the dashboard. Observe whether all indications go out when the engine starts. Do not wait to ask, otherwise, it will be more expensive.

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The Engine Compartment

Pay peculiar attention to the engine compartment. There should be no residues or patches of oil on the engine. It should not be perfectly clean. Usually, it is covered with a touch of dust. This suggests that the owner did not have the problems with the engine. The engine should run smoothly. There should be no extra noise.

The Battery

You can also check the battery, because sellers may show one battery, and sell another. An adequate price/quality ratio will allow you to calmly approach the winter with a Force battery.


If after a technical check, the car looks fine – you still should check it legally on the database. You require no experts to accomplish the task. All information on the auto is in the databases of government agencies. One shoild know the number and VIN of the car.

Be cautioned and let your purchase be successful.

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