It is a beautiful Gudi Padwa morning- you have decorated your home entrance with colurful Rangoli, cleaned the house, made your ‘Gudi’, and you are all set to welcome the new year with uplifted spirits……Now imagine, how would it feel to go to your dressing table and find out that you have no latest Maharashtrian jewellery to go with your new traditional saree? Not too good a picture, right? Well, we are here to help you change that.Welcome your new year with new and unique Gudi Padwa special Maharashtrian Jewellery designs, with these Maharashtrian Anuradha Art Jewellery designs:1.Fancy Bugadi (Ear cuffs)

Giving traditional bugadis a fashionable twist, we now have a wide range of unique Maharashtrian Bugadi designs– stone studded, flower designs, and varying in sizes as well! Let go of your old bugadis for these modern bugadi designs, this new year!

Traditional Maharashtrian Bugadi Earrings

  2. Traditional Moti Nath

On many days, you like to stick to traditional jewellery on festivals. On such days you can pick from these fresh Moti nath designs, studded with matching stones to go with your saree colour, or other ornaments, instead of a plain gold nath.

Maharashtrian Nath Design
Buy this ethnic moti nath, here.

       3. Stylish Ambada Pin (Bun Pin)

Ambada pins (or Ambada Veni) are a must, if you want to adorn the traditional Maharashtrian look on Gudi Padwa. Yet again, you can pick juda pins with matching stones and design with your other ornaments.

Traditional Juda Pin
Buy this intricate ambada pin, here.

4. Stunning Bajuband (Armlet)

Bajuband or Armlets give your look a very ethnic yet stylish look. With numerous designs like floral, leaves, pearl, stone studded, and a lot of others, bajubands are a super hit this Gudi Padwa!

Get this adorable Maharashtrian Bajuband, here.

5. Maharashtrian Necklace Set

This Gudi Padwa, replace your traditional Thushi haar, with a short laxmi haar, pairing it with your old long Maharashtrian necklace, to create a perfect combination of new and old! Experiment with colours this Spring, like green, pink and red stone studded necklaces!

Laxmi Haar
Get this traditional Maharashtrian Coin Necklace, here.

6. Kamarpatta (traditional waist chain)

A kamarband is the ultimate jewellery piece that you can experiment with. It looks sultry and stylish. There are a range of Maharashtrian kamarpattas to choose from, depending on how you are going to style them.

Buy designer kamarpattas, here.

7. Gold finish Bangles

Pair the traditional green Maharashtrian glass bangles with matching green stone studded, or contrasting red stone studded gold finish thick traditional bangles. Even these bangles design are refreshing and different.

Gold Plated Bangles
Buy these gold finish bangles, here.

Sometimes, it is good to stick to our traditional roots, especially in festivals like Gudi Padwa. But just like the festival embarks the journey of a new year and the spring season, where everything blooms and changes to colourful, its time for you experiment with refreshing gudi padwa jewellery designs!