With 80 LEDs scattered across its EPS foam and plastic shell, the Bling is appropriately named; this is a helmet that will get you noticed. Eight of them on the back double as turn signals when paired with Livall’s handlebar mounted Jet Bluetooth remote. Five rows of LED lights up top pulse through different colors, making the helmet look like a miniature airport runway lit up at night.

Then there’s the audio bling. Stereo Bluetooth speakers built into the helmet directly above the ears allow a rider to listen to music without blocking out ambient sound. A wind-proof mic allows a cyclist to take phone calls while riding. The mic also works in “walkie-talkie” mode when other Bling helmets are nearby. For extra safety, the Bling includes an accelerometer that will trigger an email to friends and family in the event of a crash.

A button pad located directly below the visor lets you control these onboard functions on the fly. There’s a function button in the middle, and left and right selection buttons that help when scrolling through a menu or adjusting the volume.