The Lamborghini SV-719 Render Could Reflect What Future-Models Might Look Like

Before you march over to Lamborghini’s headquarters in Bolognese and ask for a valid explanation for what you see above. Let us begin by telling you that this Lamborghini is nothing but a subtle render from artist Gaspare Conticelli who managed to create a rather eye-catching design christened as the Lamborghini SV-719.

According to reports, the car you see above has been designed with aerodynamics as its highlight. This can be seen in the form of huge inlets in the front end that channel the air past the front axle and then along the side of the body. At the back, small openings at the corners will also route the air to better cool the engine.

The Lamborghini SV-719 render. (Image source: Motor1)The Lamborghini SV-719 render. (Image source: Motor1)

Judging by the big openings that seem to cut into the interiors, it would be safe to assume that Conticelli had a centre driver layout in mind. On the top, we suppose the distinctive roof with diamond-shape vents carries aerodynamic functions too. The render features a minimal spoiler which we expect to have active aerodynamics.