Kawasaki Terminates SNK Palm Beach Dealership After Dealer Fails To Deliver Bikes

Kawasaki ZX-10R

2016 Kawasaki ZX-10R


Taking action against its SNK Palm Beach located in Navi Mumbai, India Kawasaki Motors (IKM) has issued a public notice stating that the company has terminated the dealership after it failed to deliver bikes or issue refunds to customers who booked their motorcycles at the outlet.

The public notice stated that “The general public is hereby informed that we, India Kawasaki Motors Private Limited had in the year 2015 appointed SNK Palm Beach, as a dealer for the sale of Kawasaki motorcycles imported or manufactured by us. It has come to our knowledge that SNK Palm Beach has grossly failed to serve its customers, and has also failed to deliver to the customers the Kawasaki motorcycles booked by them. Further, SNK Palm Beach has committed material breaches of the terms and conditions of the dealership. Hence, we have terminated the dealership of SNK Palm Beach for Kawasaki motorcycles.”

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IKM’s ‘SNK Palm Beach’ dealership has been in the news for quite a while after customers complained of the dealer not delivering the bikes or refunding the amount paid, after having booked them earlier this year. The outlet retails the entire Kawasaki range comprising 250-1400cc, while prices for the bikes range between ₹ 3.5-15 lakh and above (ex-showroom). While certain customers paid outright for the motorcycles, some have taken loans with EMIs commenced but no sign of the bike.

The issue further added to customers grievances after Kawasaki offered a lukewarm response to the matter stating that the dealer did not transfer the money to the company, and hence, it could not deliver the bikes. The matter since has pretty much revolved around the buyers being juggled between the company and showroom. The SNK Palm Beach dealership was also the venue for Kawasaki’s Versys 650 and KLX 110 launch late last year.

Furthermore, Kawasaki’s public statement said, “The general public is advised not to deal with SNK Palm Beach in relation to Kawasaki motorcycles. Any person dealing with SNK Palm Beach for this purpose shall do so at their own risk. The public is further informed that SNK Palm Beach is an independent party and is not an agent of India Kawasaki Motors. India Kawasaki Motors is not responsible for, or liable in any manner for, the acts, omissions, transactions, assurances, promises, representations and/or defaults of SNK Palm Beach.”

While Kawasaki has terminated dealership, the issue is far from being resolved. Talking to carandbike.com, one of the eight aggrieved buyers Navin Bharti stated that he is yet to receive a refund from the dealer. The buyer has now filed an FIR against the outlet along with several others.

The Japanese manufacturer iterated that it is fully committed to its customers and regrets their poor experience with SNK Palm Beach. It further stated that it will take the possible steps and actions for the satisfaction of its customers. Kawasaki also stated that it is in the process of appointing a new dealer for Mumbai and Navi Mumbai regions.