January new car registrations in Poland boosted by companies

The most popular model in January was the Skoda Octavia. Poland: Poland’s new car registrations rose by 0.58 percent year on year to 51,335 in January, helped by strong activity from companies buying vehicles for business use, the Samar research institute said on Tuesday.

Registrations were also boosted by the sale of cars from the previous year which is normal for this time of year, Samar said.

Registrations fell, however, by 1.98 percent from December, 2018.

The share of institutional buyers reached 62 percent in January, indicating another year of business clients dominating the new car market.

About 12 percent of cars registered in January, around 6,000 vehicles, probably left the country immediately after registration, Samar said.

Skoda, the Czech subsidiary of Volkswagen, remained the top seller in January, with a 13.77 percent market share. It was followed by Volkswagen and Toyota, with 11.60 and 10.77 percent market share respectively.

The most popular model in January was the Skoda Octavia.