India-Bound Tesla Model 3 Global Debut Confirmed on March 31

Tesla, the American luxury electric carmaker, is finally ready to unveil its most anticipated and affordable sedan – Model 3, on 31st March 2016. The carmaker recently released the first teaser image of the new car, which is expected to be the first Tesla model that will be sold in the Indian market. The Tesla Model 3 is said to share most of its design and style cues with the carmaker’s flagship sedan, the Model S.

Judging by the new teaser image, Tesla Model 3 is much smaller in dimensions compared to the Model S. The car also has a lower roofline and will probably come with a newly designed side mirrors. Rest the car will feature stylish design with soft curves of the Model S along with some similar feature additions. Apart from that there is very little known about this Model 3 to mention.

Reports suggest that the unveiling of the car will take place in a special event and those invited will get a chance book the car with an initial token amount of $1000 (little over 6600). Others who want to book that car will have to wait till April 1 to book the car online on Tesla’s new acquired ‘’ website.

Earlier we had reported that although the Model 3 will be available for order as soon as it is unveiled, unfortunately the production model will take about two years to reach the market. This is because the company needs to have the Gigafactory fully operational first. More detail regarding the launch date is expected to be revealed at the unveiling ceremony. Of course if the car comes to India, it will take the CBU route and will come with quite a premium price tag. However, according to Tesla’s Chief Information Officer, Jay Vijayan, Tesla is considering building a manufacturing plant in India.

While the Tesla Model 3 doesn’t really have any completion in the electric or hybrid car segment, in the luxury car space the car will compete with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Audi A4 and the BMW 3-Series and the recently launched Jaguar XE.