How to Buy a Used Car?

People buy a new car every five years depending on the area they live in. Some states have certain benefits when buying a new car. For example, in Germany everyone is driving new cars they are just paying monthly for it. When you think about used cars, that can be a car that was driven one day, but the price will be lower like it was used for a long time.

The great thing about them is that they are a lot cheaper and you can avoid some additional costs. There are many ways you can buy one and the most popular is buying used cars online. You can choose everything from the model to the mileage. The only problem is that when you find what you are looking for you have to check in person if everything is okay with the vehicle.


Probably the most important thing when buying anything that should last long is the budget. It will determine which brand you have money for. An important thing is to look for cars that are under your budget because used cars sometimes need slight repairs. Also, you maybe want to add some new features that new cars have. This shouldn’t be a problem because when buying a new car, these features cost twice as much. If the monthly payment is available, you shouldn’t spend more than 20% of your income on the car.

Most Important Features

Because you want it to last longer, you should look for features that will suit your driving. If you are constantly in the car, it is important to have great gas mileage. You won’t need a fast car if you have always a lot of things to carry with you, for that you will need an SUV or a trunk.

Make a list of the things you want like hauling space, high passenger capacity or great gas mileage. The second list should be some less significant things like color, body style, etc. Mostly younger people make a mistake and buy a car that looks great. Usually, they are great cars, but they won’t prove great for daily use.

You will want 25 mpg or greater if you want good gas mileage. Think about what you plan to haul or maybe in the future, so you can determine the hauling space you need. Maybe you will open a business in a few years and you will need a spacious car for the equipment.

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Repair Cost and Insurance

The reason you want to look for a car under your budget is that the insurance rates are higher for more expensive cars. Also, the repair for some cars will cost much more. It is hard to find parts for some models which end up in higher bills. If you have an insurance company you can see the rates for each car. There are a lot of comparison websites where you can see how much a certain part costs for each car. It is more likely that something will break down if there are more add-ons.


If you don’t have any savings you can try to apply for a car loan. It would be great if you can get pre-approved. You have to be reasonable about the amount you take. There is no need to go to the bank you can always fill out an application on their website.

They will need additional information about the car, so try to get the one that isn’t too old. Credit unions or banks usually offer economical interest rates than dealerships. You should always try to do so because when the dealership sees the interest rate of the bank he may lower the price. Read more on this page.


You can save a lot of money by just visiting a few websites and checking the price of the same car just in a slightly different shape. Different sites also offer a different number of cars, so the chance of finding a better one increases by visiting more websites.

When you find your dream car, the first thing you should do is to call a trusted mechanic to check it. The reason you want to call a trusted mechanic is that most of the car dealers know too many mechanics and he can be a good friend that will try to increase the price.