Hottest Summer Ever in Taiwan

Hottest Summer Ever in Taiwan
August 25, 2035 – This summer is considered as the hottest ever in Taiwan. The temperature will for the first time average over 35 degrees Celsius for more than 60 days during the summer. The heat is causing power shortages due to air conditioners in homes and factories.

Authorities report that a lot of elderly and homeless have died of heat stroke. Another concern is water shortages in several parts of the country to come later on as a result of the heat, and it can seriously affect agriculture where 70-75% of the water is used.

30 years ago the temperature only average over 35 degrees for 40 days, but due to the global warming it will continue to increase during this century.


Argument: According to Professor Liu Chung-ming of National Taiwan University’s Global Change Research Center two-thirds of Taiwan’s summer will average over 35 degrees Celsius by 2035, due to global warming.

Questions: How can people prepare to cope with heat waves in the future since they will be more common because of the global warming?