Honda’s future electric cars will let you sleep while they drive on their own

Honda’s future electric cars will let you sleep while they drive on their own

Worsening pollution levels and congested roads are two problems frequently associated with growing number of vehicles. However, Honda has good news for drivers who feel the onus of resolving these problems lies with them.

The Japanese automaker has stated that the electric cars they launch in the future will also come equipped with autonomous driving technologies. The company claims this technology will allow the driver to ‘sleep in the car’ while it drives itself. Honda made the announcement alongside committing that it will invest heavily in non-conventional and environment-friendly fuel technology for its cars.

Recently, futurist Tony Seba predicted that technological advancements will lessen our dependency on petroleum products to fuel vehicles. India too has been promoting electric vehicles on war footing, with the goal of no sale of diesel vehicles for the next 15 years.

Honda Motor Company disclosed in a statement to Reuters that the company will launch a self-driving car by in three years as well as incorporate level four autonomous driving technology in their cars by 2025.

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Autonomous cars use artificial intelligence along with an array of sensors and cameras to assess the road situation in front of them and devise the best plan to keep passengers safe. This will not only help efficient traffic movement on the streets, but will also save drivers some time and energy which could be invested in other endeavours.

However, Honda has tough competition to beat. Other forerunners of the auto industry are claiming to be ready with auto-drive capabilities much earlier than 2025. Another Japanese carmaker Nissan has said that it will come out with its autonomous vehicle by 2020.

Meanwhile, German carmaker BMW has asserted that their autonomous car will be out in the market by 2021. Ford on the other hand has claimed to launch a vehicle with similar capabilities in the same year.