Honda Electric Vehicles in Calgary, Alberta


Honda is shifting gears towards the future, and plans on delivering an all-electric lineup by 2040, when Honda aims to achieve 100% of its vehicle sales across North America be zero-emission. Such an ambitious goal requires a broad range of capable electric models built for Canadian weather we experience here in Calgary. Fortunately, Honda has begun offering consumers in Alberta a variety of electric and hybrid-electric models to meet the ever-growing demand. While still developing, you’ll be able to enjoy the expanding Calgary and Alberta electric vehicle charging infrastructure well into the future. Read on to see the currently available Honda Hybrid and Electric models here at Honda West.


One of the first hybrid-electric vehicles offered by Honda here in Canada. The Clarity Plug-In Hybrid vehicle utilizes both traditional gas power, and the efficient electric motor for shorter commutes, while allowing drivers to cut their fuel consumption significantly, and charge their vehicle overnight at home or at alternative charging stations. Click below to learn more about the Clarity PHEV.


The AutoTrader Awards Best Family Sedan in 2021 offers exceptional luxury and comfort for all occupants, and saves at the pumps thanks to Honda’s Hybrid engineering. The Accord Hybrid offers the same capability and style of the renowned Honda Accord, but with the uber-efficient hybrid powertrain. Learn more about the Accord Hybrid here at Honda West.


The upcoming Honda Prologue will be the first dedicated, 100% electric SUV in Canada. Delivering the same level of exceptional performance, range, and enjoyment you expect from a Honda, the 2024 Prologue will kick off Honda’s venture into a fully-electric lineup. While more details about this all-electric SUV are still to be released, stay up to date with us here at Honda West for the latest updates about the Honda lineup.