Here’s Johnny Manziel Rapping Along to Future While Holding a Four Loko


How did you celebrate the holidays? Maybe you sang “Silent Night” with loved ones and it was lovely and kind of touching. Maybe you enjoyed a tasty roasted bird. Maybe, if you’re Johnny Manziel, starting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns (for now), you threw on your favorite ugly Christmas sweater and filmed yourself rapping along to “March Madness” by Future while holding a Four Loko. Then you hit a ‘lil dab.

No word (yet) if the Browns feel like there’s anything here that warrants meting out a punishment, reports Yahoo. But maybe there’s something bigger going on here. What if, like the law of gravity and the scientific fact that jet fuel can’t melt steel beams, it’s physically impossible for Johnny Manziel to listen to Future while holding an adult beverage and NOT have the whole thing filmed and uploaded to the Internet?

That’s a trick question because if Manziel rapped a Future song and there weren’t any cameras present the universe would explode in a cloud of hellfire and we’d all die.