Get Inspiration from These Car Blogs If You Want to Enter the Niche

The car industry is an ever-changing and evolving industry. New products, technologies, and car models come out every year. Not only that, but it is also one of the largest and broadest blogging niches available. For bloggers who want to create vehicle-related webpages, it is better to gather information and investigate possible competitors. Or, in a friendlier tone, research super cool blogs for inspiration.

This is a helpful guide in determining which kind of car blog you want to create. Here is a list of popular car blog categories and some of the best car blogs on the internet:

Car Enthusiasts

If there are beauty and make-up gurus out there, there are surely car gurus as well. These kinds of blogs offer information about the latest and the best cars ever created. Car blogs like these usually feature the latest news and current happenings in the car world.


This is the best car blog on the internet as it covers pretty much everything. Its primary feature is its impressive database of cars that provide information on the price and specifications of any make and model (or even year). The blog also provides car comparisons between brands, year models, or variants.

Automotive Addicts

This blog is pretty similar to Autoblog. Just like any other blog, Automotive Addicts provide articles on tips and tricks, latest cars, test drive reviews and more. They also feature unique topics like the world’s firsts, independent car makers, and the like.

Car Culture

These kinds of blogs usually offer a side of the niche that is not “mainstream”. Here are a few examples of car culture blogs.

Green Car Reports

The focus of this car culture blog is sustainability and environmental protection. They feature new models of cars from brands that offer hybrid or electric vehicles.  This blog also features the latest technologies in the industry like the Tesla Model 3 Charger.

Hemmings Daily

Thinking about cool, classy cars? Hemmings Daily is the best place to go. This is a great blog for hobbyists and car collectors. The blog posts a calendar of the latest events, races, and shows featuring classic cars. There are also club memberships and even museum locators on the blog. The best feature of the blog is the auction feature where rare, exotic, and classic cars are available.


Let’s be honest, most car blogs are created primarily for male audiences. The ChicMoto blog is one of the few car blogs made by women and intended for the female audience. The goal is to provide a forum (or maybe a club) for female car enthusiasts.

Any Car DIYs

Regular maintenance, quick fixes, repairs are all inevitable ventures for all car owners and enthusiasts. Although the most popular, Car DIY blogs require the most effort to create. This specific kind of car blog category is easier made as a video blog than a written blog. There are more YouTube channels of this kind than webpages, or at least brands or bloggers both have a webpage and a YouTube channel to manage.

The Humble Mechanic

Since it is written and owned by a specific individual, this blog has a personal tone to it. It makes it relatable and fun to read. The Humble Mechanic also has a Youtube Channel and a podcast. Other than car repair tutorials, this blog also covers tools and upgrades.

Advance Auto Parts

The Advance Auto parts website is more of an online store than a blog. Anyone looking for quality auto parts, replacement parts, batteries, and upgrades can look at this blog. Various articles are covering advice, tips, and tutorials. It also covers general information on cleaning, detailing, and creating mods.

Eric The Car Guy

Compared to the Humble Mechanic, this has a less personal and more professional touch. It is very easy to navigate and has a wide list of categories to choose from. The blog covers basic repair categories like leaks, vibrations, and noises. However, unlike other personal car blogs, Eric the Car Guy does not have a forum or platform to cover customer-specific issues.

Car Forums and Reviews

This is probably one of the most difficult car niches to write since it has to be based on personal experience. It also requires multiple contributors that have varied opinions and tastes in cars.

The Truth About Cars

Looking for a no-holds-barred, advertising-free review of cars? This is one of the most recommendable blogs for car reviews. There are podcasts available that discusses old and new models of cars. There are also honest car comparisons between makers, models, and year variants. The blog also provides expertise in purchasing cars, getting the best deals, and keeping old cars running. A very valuable blog for anyone looking for a car to purchase or collect.

Good Car Bad Car

This is a blog unique to most car-related websites because its focus is automotive sales data and statistics. It offers sales reports and figures by brand, model, or manufacturer both in Canada and the US. It may be a good blog for car re-sellers or dealers – a specific niche for a definite audience.