Future Volkswagen cars will ‘talk’ to other vehicles


  • The technology is based on the IEEE 802.11p (pWLAN) standard
  • The first Volkswagen models will be fitted with pWLAN in 2019
  • Volkswagen cars with the tech will be able to communicate with cars made by different manufacturers and the transport infrastructure as well

The first Volkswagen models will be fitted with pWLAN in 2019The first Volkswagen models will be fitted with pWLAN in 2019

In order to improve road traffic safety, Volkswagen cars of the future will be able to communicate with other vehicles on the road. The carmaker is all set to start fitting its models with a new vehicle-to-vehicle communication system – pWLAN – as standard.
Volkswagen cars will be equipped with the pWLAN technology which would make them capable of exchanging selected information relevant to traffic between cars made by different manufacturers. This will involve information being exchanged both between cars, as well as between cars and the transport infrastructure.

This will, for example, enable information about the current traffic situation, accidents and other situations relating to traffic conditions to be shared with the local environment, within a radius of approximately 500-metre.
With the increase in effectiveness through a large number of users, Volkswagen will also cooperate with authorities, ministries of transport and other automobile and transport industry partners, working on projects to accelerate the spread of the technology through to its inclusion in serial production. At the same time, joint efforts are being undertaken with the partners to find ways of meeting the high requirements placed on data protection (i.e. the processing of personal data). Interestingly, the likes of Mercedes and Toyota models are already capable of communicating with each other. Volvo too has introduced a car-to-car communication technology in the new V90 in Sweden and Norway.

 On its part, Volkswagen says once police forces and emergency services are also equipped with pWLAN technology, it will be possible for drivers to receive advance information on how far approaching emergency vehicles are and the direction they are travelling in – often long before the vehicle can be heard or seen.