Folding Bikes!

During these days of huge population growth and ever-rising global warming we need as many alternate ways of transport as we can find. The vehicles that depend less on oil and occupy less space should be given the highest priority as it is becoming hugely impossible to accommodate the growing number of scooters, motorbikes and cars. However trivial, it might be the transportation on a bicycle is the best possible way in these testing times. We don’t have to depend on cattle to carry them around and even most of our health problems will be answered without a second thought.

History behind bicycles!

In the part of human evolution, transportation from one place to another changed over a period of time and with the invention of oil, it changed more rapidly than ever. But if you think upon it, even bikes were not that common phenomenon if you consider the years and years of our human history. We used cattle, horses, elephants, sledges, wooden carts and cart wheels as modes of transportation but when did we really fall invent bicycles?

Bicycles have been first designed and introduced in the 19th century. Since then they have gone through many upgrades and design changes, as our technology evolved and necessity changed. They have been used as the major form of transportation for within the short distance transport and longer distances were still covered by the horses. Slowly, humans evolved their muscle strength and breathing capacity to be able to be cyclist. Today, we see cyclists fighting for Olympic glory!

Folding Bikes!


With the evolution of technology, the necessity to innovate also increased. As part of that innovation, folding bikes have been introduced. How cool and good it would be to ride on a bike for a certain distance and then fold it up, so that we don’t have to worry about them being stolen or left behind at some unknown place.

As their name suggest, we can easily fold them with all design factors intact. They are designed and developed by keeping the daily usage of the consumers and weight factors in mind. It is not easy to just have a faulty designed bike that doesn’t fold properly or breaks easily under pressure. There are certain factors that should be taken care of before buying a folding bike. You can find which of the manufacturer is giving you the best online by following folding bike reviews 2016.

Are Reviews that helpful?

Yes, the reviews are highly recommended form of understanding a product before buying it. You need to get acquainted with the maximum strength of the bike, design features, faulty mechanisms if any. While many companies do put their products through thorough quality checks before sending them into market but you can still find faults in them.

Just like latest Smartphone explosions that rocked the world around. Don’t you think the manufacturer might have gone through quality checking before sending them into the market? At times, lapses or overlooks do happen as part of human errors. So we need experts to examine and guide us for better understanding of the product. Follow the best reviews like folding bike reviews 2016 and find the difference in shopping with more information than just provided by the shopkeeper.