Five new bikes to look out for in 2016

Kinesis CX Race cyclocross bike single ring SRAM 1x

There were plenty of new bikes and kit at the show from a number of different manufacturers, and although it was diffcult to pick out the highlights, here’s our choice of the five new 2016 bikes that really caught the eye.
First up we have the Colnago CLX, which has been reworked for 2016. The bike is marketed as Colnago’s “affordable” race bike, although with this Ultegra-equipped version coming in at £3,499 with Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels, all things are of course relative.

The CLX has the same geometry as the Italian brand’s thoroughbred race bike, the V1-R, but uses a slightly lower grade of carbon-fibre which might mean some compromise when it comes to weight and stiffness, but it does prevent costs spiralling into the stratosphere.

That said the bottom bracket of the CLX is the same as on the V1-R which should hopefully mean this bike will still be comfortable in a race situation.

Like it or not, the cyclo-cross season is just around the corner, and if you’re after a new race bike then the new Kinesis CX Race certainly looks worthy of consideration.

The stand-out feature of this scandium frame is that it is designed just as well with disc brakes as it does with cantilevers, with flat mounts at the rear and a choice of forks depending on which braking system you choose to go for.

The frame, which will cost £549.99 when it becomes available in September, has also been optimised to work best with single ring setups, such as SRAM CX1, however the way the internal cable routing has been designed you’ll still be able to use a two rings and a front mech if you so desire.

America might not seem like the obvious place to look in search of a steel frame, but this Ritte Stainless Snob certainly seems like a rival for the most elegant of British-made steel bikes.

This bike is pretty much the same as the Snob that has been around for a couple of years now, but for 2016 will also comes ready equipped for disc brakes.