First Look: 2015 Specialized Women’s Bikes and Gear


Maybe it’s just my taste, but I used to always gravitate towards men’s bikes and gear, envious that I couldn’t find a women’s version that could look, perform, and fit just as well. These days, I find myself looking longingly at guys’ stuff less and less—with more and more brands offering well-thought-out, stylish, and performance-oriented women’s gear, I have plenty of “my own stuff” to lust after.

Among these brands, Specialized stands out for its sheer breadth of women’s-specific products—from bikes to apparel, to saddles and shoes—as well as the level of attention paid to women’s fit and technology. Last month I spent a long weekend in Santa Cruz, California with the women’s product team at Specialized, and came away from the trip impressed by their obvious passion for their women’s line.

Here are some of the most exciting new women’s mountain bikes, road bikes and gear coming from Specialized in 2015. Before you jump in, just be warned: The lust-meter might go through the roof.