FCC’s auto show attracts students


LAHORE: Auto Show 2015, organised by the Leadership Forum Society and Forman Dramatics Club, attracted thousands of students on Saturday at the parking lot of Forman Christian College (FCC).
The event was organised first time in the history of FCC, where around 250 cars and motorbikes belonging to different categories including vintage, 4×4, SUVs, modified and luxury vehicles were displayed.
Describing the aim of the show, Auto Show 2015 media coordinator Zaka Malik told Daily Times that extra curricular activities are part of the academic year. “No doubt there are numerous activities being held at FCC but the auto show, which presents the students a close view of their favourite cars, is now favourite among youngsters,” he added.
He was of the view that such events raise the positive image of the society and country, which is need of the hour. “We want to show the world that Pakistani youth are lovers of sports as much as the youth of other countries,” Zaka added.