FCA debuts Fiat 124 at Los Angeles Auto Show


The Fiat 124 Spider debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show earlier this month, which will be the first model of the modern Fiat lineup that isn’t directly related to the 500.

Fiat is branching out further in the American automotive market. Beginning it’s modern presence just several years ago, the manufacturer appealed to a niche market of fun-loving auto lovers poised to purchase the small and nimble Fia 500. Over the past few years they have brought out the convertible option deservedly named the 500C and the larger version unmistakably earning the badge 500X, which refers to the XL feel of the automobile. Fiat dealerships will see the 2017 Fiat 124 Spider arriving in American dealerships in the summer of 2016. A spinoff of the original vehicle whichenjoyed popularity 50 years ago, the 124 Spider is a sporty convertible unmistakably mirroring theMazda Miata as a niche fun and quick sports car.

The low-slung sports car will become available in the United States in the summer of 2016.

Although the price of the 124 Spider is yet to be announced, it will feature Fiat’s 1.4 liter turbocharged 160 horsepower engine to propel the light car around corners and straightaways alike.

“It looks great and will undoubtedly be fun to drive,” IHS Automotive senior analyst Stephanie Brinley said.

Using the same aesthetic as the current Mazda Miata the 124 Spider will undoubtably appeal to the same crowd although it will be a tad quicker than the Miata which features 155 hp to the 124 Spider’s 160 hp. Paired with an automatic or manual transmission, the 124 Spider can be anything from a a commuter’s fun way home to a gearhead’s dream. The former will most likely be pulled away from the name due to some type of aranchnaphobia but the 124 Spider won’t feature any of the little critters standard in the vehicle. This comes as an optional extra equipped free-of-charge from your creepy grandma’s basement.

The term spider comes from the European term that references convertibles. Originally a sporty carriage in the 19th century, “Spider” versions of vehicles are fun, hip and topless.

Fuel economy is not currently available but photos of the 124 Spider are.

“They did a good job making it uniquely a Fiat,” Brinley said. “The brand needs to make more people aware of it.”

The pictures of the 124 Spider make it clear that the styling engineers are not playing around. Equipped with LED’s as daytime running lights, the 124 Spider will make a splash with an aggressive fascia that means business. The two-seater will also feature more oval shaped headlights over the 500’s circular lights. With a low grille and intake vents, the car gives off the impression of a low center of gravity that aggressively gives off the impression of nimbleness and poise. The vehicle is undoubtably small and not suitable as a daily driver for a family with kids. This, however, is the perfect car for a single professional, an experienced worker looking for a fun second car or even someone looking to treat themselves with something they’ve always wanted.

As time comes closer for the 124 Spider to arrive in Fiat dealerships more concrete info will surface.