Elon Musk reveals that Tesla could build sub-£20,000 car and new details about Roadster

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 is currently the cheapest car the manufacturer makes (Image: TESLA)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed some details of its future model range in an interview with prolific tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee.

Brownlee, more commonly known by his channel moniker MKBHD, sat down with the Tesla boss in a chat about what can be expected of the firm over the course of the next couple of years.

One of the most interesting points of the conversation was when Marques asked whether or not a ‘cheap’ $25,000 electric car could ever be expected from the firm.

“To get ultimately to something like a $25,000 car, that’s something we could do, but that’s probably 3 years away if we work really hard.”

Currently, the most affordable car Tesla make it’s the Model 3 which costs from $35,000, although this car has still not entered production.

Musk, however, revealed that it would be difficult to compete with the bigger car manufacturers to create cheaper cars as it is an “insanely competitive industry.”

He said: “We’re really focused on making cars more affordable, which is really tough.

“In order to make cars more affordable, you need high volume and economies of scale.”

Tesla Roadster

The Roadster may come without side mirrors and will be comfortable for tall people (Image: TESLA)

“Because the other car companies make a lot more cars than we do, they’ve got way better economies of scales that we do.”

He went on to explain that as the carmaker gradually builds more cars at higher volumes, they can make them more available to a wider range of people.

Tesla has prioritised the Long Range, Dual Motor and Performance versions of the car, which all cost significantly more.

The cheaper car will not form part of the ’S3XY’ model plan, which will be completed with the Model Y which is a compact SUV.

Musk has also previously described his desire to develop an electric pick-up truck and put the new Roadster into production.

Tesla revealed the new Roadster at the launch of the Semi truck in California towards the end of last year.

He revealed that the new Roadster may not have side mirrors.

“Manufacturers are required to have side mirrors [on their cars], but I believe that the owner is not.”