Dependable Tips to Help You Crack AIMPT 2016

In order to crack AIMPT 2016, you need to chalk out a well thought out plan. If you study systematically and put in enough hard work along with discipline, you can easily fight this war. You do not need any AIMPT app or AIMPT counselling if you consider the following tips.

A to Z of NCERT

This tip is the most common one out there and yet ironically most of the students tend to take it lightly. You need to realise that once you have a solid grasp of your basics, you have a high chance to score well in the exam. Do not touch the reference books until you have thoroughly studied NCERT.

Workout Question Papers

Make it a point to solve at least one question paper each day after you are done with the first revision. This will help you to understand which areas need your attention and which questions are often being asked in the papers. And, this will come in handy for effective time management.

Know Syllabus Inside Out

At first glance, the syllabus of this exam appears to be never ending. But, do you think it is humanly possible for you to remember each and everything? You need to cut down on various chapters and topics and by chance if you miss important chapters thanks to your lack of clarity of the syllabus, you know you are in for trouble. Mug up your syllabus. It will take off some load.

Mock Tests? Yes.

Even if you have not joined coaching classes, take mock tests on your own. Today you have the World Wide Web in front of you. So, why not take complete advantage of it. There are plenty of websites, which offer you AIPMT mock tests. Make it a point to take them as much as you can.

Choose Wisely

The previous question papers, advice from your mentors, and your own intuition will tell you what to study and what you can safely leave behind. Any competitive exam that you give will always require proper planning and strategy. This syllabus, which is nothing less than a vast ocean, needs to be tackled wisely.

Revise Properly

This is not your class exam where you can afford to study at the last moment and expect to score high marks by fluke. AIPMT exams can only be nailed after you have revised every “important” topic, at least, ten to fifteen times. At the end of the day, you are neither a robot nor a computer and your brain can only process so much. You need to make sure that you retain all that information that you read and learn. It is inevitable that you will forget some things but revising them repeatedly will reduce the amount of forgetting the  important material.

Pattern of the Paper

Not only should you memorize your syllabus, you should be well aware of the pattern of the upcoming exam. This time, you must not neglect the pattern because the importance of the AIPMT exams has increased rapidly. Also, you are deliberately asked questions which are not straight forward to test your reasoning and intellect. Going over the pattern of the paper carefully will prepare you for all these unpredictable questions largely.

Positive Outlook

If you do not maintain a positive approach while dealing with AIPMT 2016, then you are probably not going to make it. Yes, a negative outlook will lessen your chances of cracking any completive exam. Constant worrying and fussing never helps. Only those who have been procrastinating and not taking the AIMPT exam seriously should worry, and you are definitely not one of them!