Crusher Shows Maverick 2.5″ Slip-Ons for the Indian Scout


Indian Scout owners have one more aftermarket option to make their bike look better, offer better performance and last but not least, sound better. A 3-into-1 upgrade is the new exhaust system revealed by Crusher, the Maverick 2.5″.

Crusher Shows Maverick 2.5" Slip-Ons for the Indian Scout - VideoWe’re looking at a slip-on system that can be installed quickly and without extensive mechanical knowledge, and one that requires no other modifications to the bike. The Crusher Maverick 2.5″ also comes with a slender profile, the diameter of the dual cans sporting, as you’ve most likely guessed, a 2.5″ (6.35 cm) diameter.

Combine them with the sleek and slim attire of the Scout and the entire bike will look lighter and svelter. The billet aluminium end caps received a black ceramic coating and a Crusher metal badge, adding a neat touch that complements the darkened engine and frame of this Indian.