Country’s Future Dark Under Modi Govt, Says Kamal Nath

Image result for Congress leader Kamal Nath, a Lok Sabha MP from Madhya Pradesh. (File Photo)Congress leader Kamal Nath, a Lok Sabha MP from Madhya Pradesh. (File Photo)

New Delhi: The Congress on Friday predicted a dark future for the country on the economic and social side and alleged that it was on the verge of seeing strife under the BJP-led NDA government.

The Congress also demanded a White Paper on the government’s employment strategy.

Launching a frontal attack on the NDA government on its third anniversary, senior Congress leader Kamal Nath said the hallmark of this government in the last three years has been of “bravado, rhetoric and hyperbole”.

“The future of this country is dark from the economic point of view and from the social point of view. The country had never been so undivided. The country is on the verge of seeing strife in the future,” he told reporters here.

Nath, the former Parliamentary Affairs Minister, said the last highlight of Modi government is “media management, propaganda, platitudes and acronyms” and asked people to bring a change in the politics.

Noting that the voter of the country is very intelligent, he said, “India needs a massive political change. This change in politics is not only going to reflect in the politics of today but the politics of tomorrow.”

Alleging the government has failed to create jobs, he said, “We demand the government issue a White Paper on its employment strategy.”

He said people do not want to hear speeches, but want to know the government’s employment strategy based on hard facts of last three years.

Nath said the IT sector is facing joblessness and feared this is not only going to cause economic issues, but huge social issues.

He claimed that only 1.35 lakh jobs were created in 2015 and by 2028, the country needs 34 crore jobs.

“How will jobs be created, by slogans?,” he asked, adding that the prime minister promised 2 crore jobs “but what is the outcome?”.

He said the employment is at a 15 year low and alleged that BJP is spending Rs 2000 crore on “Modi Fest”.

“But in the last three years, aspirations have been crushed and the nation betrayed. BJP government’s ‘Modi Fest’, is it a celebration of people? Are farmers and youth celebrating? Is the Industry celebrating?,” he asked.

Painting a pessimistic picture of the country on several fronts, he said that tall claim of 7.2 per cent GDP growth does not translate into jobs or wealth creation and asked what it translated into.

Nath said we are seeing disposable incomes in rural India going down, which generate demand in rural areas and that is the reason for the misery of the people.

The Congress leader alleged that huge loans of crony businessmen are being written off but the debt ridden farmer is getting no help from this government.

He claimed that farmers have not benefited from the ‘Fasal Bima Yojana’ and rules are so complicate that only insurance companies benefited.

“Insurance companies collected premium of 17,185 crore, but gave back 6,808 crore to farmers and made net profit of 10,376 crore,” he alleged.

“We are seeing schemes being announced, where is the execution. Unfortunately the country is becoming victim to this hyperbole and sloganeering,” he said.