Classy Car Blogs Auto Enthusiasts Won’t Want To Miss Out On

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To improve your knowledge of cars, it’s crucial that you’re researching from reliable sources. Cars are expanding – from the models to their energy and performance. Ensure that you aren’t left behind by taking the time to read reputable articles from classy car blogs.

Whether you consider yourself a novice driver, or someone who reads everything about the performance of cars, these websites are for everyone. Get up-to-date automotive news, imagery and videos, reviews and everything in-between with classy car blogs. Each of these car blogs feature rich content aimed at those who are passionate about cars.

The Changing World of Cars

If you want to learn, classy car blogs are a useful resource to expand your knowledge. Whilst scouring the Internet, you can learn every detail of the latest car to hit the road, and the pros and cons of owning an electric car.  Cars have changed considerably over the past 100 years, and will continue to do so in the next 100 years.

Whatever your motives, we’ve got you covered with eight awesome classy car blogs every motorist should indulge in. Each of the blogs below will help to reduce confusion and keep you informed of everything you should know about cars (including the good and the bad).

Classy Car Blogs You Should Follow Now:

No matter where you’re based in the world, it’s important that you get your facts and information from a source you can trust – rather than a car salesperson who can muddle your senses. Let’s take a look at some trusted classy car blogs.

1. Automobile Magazine

Automobile Magazine posts around 42 articles per week. Each of their articles contain rich and exciting reviews and examinations of cars. This luxury car blog looks through the years of popular, classic cars, as well as the latest and most talked about.

They aim to drive the hottest cars in new and interesting ways and share their experience with their online audience. No matter the latest trend – whether that’s mobile, social, video, digital or magazine – they’ll deliver automotive news and information in an exciting manner for fans.

In their features section, you’ll find off-beat, in-depth topics about the car culture in written and visual forms. The blog is infamous for its love of cars in all shapes and sizes, and they’ll give you their honest opinion about each one they drive.

2. Edmunds

Edmunds posts around 11 articles per week. Not all classy car blogs discuss how to purchase your next car, but Edmunds does exactly that. Rather than generic information about the latest vehicle trends, they offer meaningful advice to ensure you purchase the car that’s right for you.

Edmunds considers hundreds, if not thousands, of cars on the road and provide automotive resources for those who are feeling a little clueless. Their focus is on data and information, so readers are left to make the decision for themselves, rather than being influenced in their decision-making. Once you’re ready, you can make your car purchase directly from their website to give you ease and peace of mind.

3. Hemmings Daily

Aimed at car collectors, this blog is more of a hobby than hard-reading. Uploading around 28 articles a week, there’s plenty to uncover about car development. This includes: the evolution of rally racing, what the streets of New York looked like in 1950s, and even a review of a 1988 Jaguar XJSC. This bible of car collections has been live since 1954 and has an expert team of car enthusiasts just like you.

Hemmings Daily doesn’t just focus on luxury cars. Rather, it’s one of the few classy car blogs which details classics, scooters, and even buses. If you’re looking to expand your transportation horizons, this might be an ideal blog-match for you.

4. Car Talk

Car Talk posts around two articles per week. Don’t let their limited posts fool you though, as their expert, in-depth content is great for those looking to build their car knowledge. If you have a passion for automobiles and are searching for classy car blogs which offer mechanical advice and troubleshooting tips, Car Talk has plenty to offer you.

Their focus is primarily on safer driving and uncovering errors in the industry. We also like the emphasis on helping motorists to make the most of their vehicle. Typical blogs can cover warming up your car quickly on a chilly morning, getting the best fuel economy and even road trips with cats. Thanks to their discussion boards, you can also build a network of other keen car advocates.

5. Classic Car News

Classic Car News is one of the few classy car blogs that is honest, raw, and fun. As the name suggests, this blog is purely dedicated to classic cars — everything from how you can obtain one to processes on selling one for the best price.

Since 2007, the blog has grown into the world’s most comprehensive collection of resources for buyers and sellers of classic vehicles. The behind-the-scenes team have decades of experience in building successful online communities, so you can trust their word. From hobbyists to industry professionals, they’re dedicated to sharing the ins and outs of the classic car world.

Their fun Pick of The Day article features a classic car every day and provides thoughtful information. Most of the time, it’s for sale, and you will be guided on how to make a purchase there and then.

6. Car Gurus

Car Gurus provides daily coverage on cars in a variety of mediums. This is one of the classic car blogs which talks about car politics and what the media isn’t telling you about imports. Balanced with fun lists, this blog is unique and exciting for a fresh feel.

Generously, they cover all types of cars – from eco-friendly models to luxury sports cars – to provide balanced and honest feedback on the most popular. They believe strongly that nobody should buy a car based off of its appearance solely, but its performance and economics too.

By heavily focusing on car reviews, you can watch videos of the cars in action to help you feel as though you’re testing driving it yourself. For each review, they talk honestly and openly about the strengths and weaknesses of each car to provide you with both sides.

7. Autofluence

Autofluence uploads around 34 blogs per week, and expands from classic, exotic and luxury cars, to the lifestyle that these cars create. For example, one of their recent reviews on the McLaren 570S Coupe talks about suitable locations to take it for a spin. Similar review articles focus in detail on the standout features, transmission information, specifications, and much more.

If you want to expand beyond driving to discover how to look the part behind the wheel, transpor your luxury car through an elevator, or even the houses these car owners live in, look no further than Autofluence. It’s one of the few classy car blogs that goes beyond jjust cars.

8. Sub5Zero

Last, but not least making the classy car blogs list, is Sub5Zero. This blog is dedicated to cars that drive fast. Specifically, they make reference to the Maserati, Cadillac, Ferrari and more. Keeping a watchful eye, they’re always first to notify when the latest new car is about to hit the market.

Their articles are short and face-paced to give you the utmost time to focus on growing a business and strengthening your lifestyle. We particularly love their neutral style, so if you’re more of a facts and figures individual, we think you’ll like the aurora of this blog. The attention to detail on the car reviews is phenomenal, and you’ll expect to read about the weight of a car, and even how many of that kind were produced.

Do You Have a Favourite Car Blog?

We hope you enjoyed our eight favourite classy car blogs, and the reasons why each has made it to the list. When reading blogs in your favourite field, it’s important to opt for ones which are written by experienced staff. Whether you’re looking for mechanical guidance, purchase advice, test results, or reviews, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t miss out of the latest cars and get in-the-minute automotive news you can impress your friends with. Do you follow any of these blogs above? Or, are there any popular reads not mentioned? Let us know in the comments which are your go-to classy car blogs for advice.