Choosing the best Packers and Movers

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For first time movers, relocation can be a headache as it is a long process of planning, listing, packing, moving things safely and finally unpacking. There can be some delicate items which might get damaged due to unsafe movement. One has to be extra careful with them, and especially for those relocating for the first time, it can be a confusing task.

If you have been keeping yourself from moving into a bigger and better place because of all the extra effort and chaos, it is time you hire the services of a moving company. They are highly professional and in an organised manner will help you relocate. With them shifting is easy and hassle-free. They have experts for every kind of goods, to pack and transfer them safely. In case any good is damaged during movement, a good moving company will offer you insurance and pay the full amount for that good.

A packer and mover should be selected while keeping certain things in mind.

Prepare a Checklist

Proper planning will ensure proper implementation and preparing a checklist well before time will be a good idea. The checklist should ideally contain questions for your chosen moving company. How many years has it been in operation, the customer reviews and different kinds of services they offer? You can browse for companies from yellow pages, from the web or ask for a referral from your neighbours and friends.

Ask for Quotes

One usually allocates a certain budget to moving and hence price quotes from different companies should be compared to get the best deal within one’s budget. A higher rate doesn’t mean better service, so, decision should be carefully made after checking what services you are getting for what price. One should go through the contract paper thoroughly and if possible talk to other customers.

Check the Company’s History

How many years has been the company working and what has been its profile? One should check the track record of the moving companies they might choose. Other than the company’s website, visit the popular forums to read customer’s reviews and positive and negative remarks about the services. Your peers, neighbours, colleagues, business partners and others who have hired the relocation service provide can also be asked if they were satisfied with the company or not.

Visit the Office in person

Visiting the company office once will provide you a glance into their work environment and give you a clear picture of their team, management and way of working. You should take an appointment and visit their office at a suitable time.

Delivery Services of the Mover

One big task after the things have been moved is unpacking and rearranging. Before hiring, the company’s delivery and after delivery process must be enquired about. You should be sure that they will deliver goods to your doorstep. A professional movers and packers will deliver each good on time and may even help in unpacking ad rearranging if you want.

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