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Used-car market appealing

The rate of car repossessions has also returned to normal, which shows that the hire purchase industry will start growing again in 2016 after witnessing a downturn when the first-car scheme ended. Anuwat Luengtawekul, chief financial officer of Thanachart Bank, said the non-performing loans (NPL) of auto loans at TBank is stable, while the number of car repossessions have dropped ... Read More »

Used car market is key growth opportunity for 2016

The used market represents a key growth opportunity for franchised dealers in the year ahead. As the economy improves, a wider demographic of consumers is returning to the used market. Their natural leaning towards a used purchase is being facilitated by the availability of PCP finance on cars up to five years old at the outset of an agreement. The ... Read More »

MIT researchers have figured out how to make solar cells with old car batteries

Here’s a clever technological breakthrough that could help the environment in two ways. MIT announced this week that some of its researchers have figured out a way to make solar cells using parts from discarded car batteries that would otherwise have simply gone to waste. Essentially, the researchers have figured out how to extract lead from old car batteries and ... Read More »

Best and worst used vehicles from the past year

“If you can count your money, you don’t have a billion dollars.” Jean Paul Getty was named the world’s richest person in 1966, back when $1.2 billion could buy a lot of top hats and monocles. While we can’t all be oil tycoons, this notorious miser could teach us something about hanging on to our money. Buying a used car ... Read More »

8 things you need to check off before buying a used car

This story is sponsored by KSL Cars. Your next car is waiting. Search Utah’s largest selection of new and used cars. Buying a used car can be an appealing alternative to buying new. You can save on some depreciation, potentially find better deals, and, if not buying from a dealership, you’ll save on some dealer fees. However, these benefits of ... Read More »

CarMax Hits the Brakes as Used-Car Comps and Net Income Fall

The auto industry has been extremely strong in 2015, with automakers on track to report what might be their best sales figures ever. Yet coming into its fiscal third-quarter report on Friday, used-car specialist CarMax (NYSE:KMX) hadn’t enjoyed the same success that the new-car segment had shown, and investors wondered whether the company’s high-growth phase might have come to an ... Read More »

CAP records 1.8% ‘seasonal decline’ in used car prices

A predicted seasonal decline in used cars sales has seen average values drop by 1.8%, according to Cap’s Black Book. While buyers have been stocking for the New Year during December, many were not buying bulks and demand “softened” as the month progressed, Derren Martin, senior editor at Cap Black Book revealed. Martin said: “The number of actual trade sales ... Read More »

USED CAR NEWS: ​Kia’s Approved Used Car Scheme Wins Award From Car Dealer Magazine

Sandicliffe offers Kia’s innovative Approved Used Car Scheme, which recently scooped the Manufacturer Used Car Scheme of the Year award at Car Dealer Magazine’s prestigious 2015 Used Car awards. The manufacturer was praised for showing a high level of confidence in its used cars and offering the best peace of mind in the market, something which the staff at Sandicliffe ... Read More »

Buying used: Car of the Year winners from 2015

What Car? will be hosting the Car of the Year Awards 2016 in early January. Before then, it’s worth taking a look back at 2015’s winners to see how they’re faring on the used market. You could pick up an award-winning car at a great price. Skoda Fabia 1.2 TSI 90 SE – Car of the Year 2015 The Skoda ... Read More »

Flood-hit cars invade used vehicles market

Now, it should pay to exercise extreme caution while buying used cars. According to automobile experts, touts are likely to sell cars damaged in the recent floods. There are thousands of cars in the city that have taken a battering due to the floods. There have been cases of cars being immersed in water for days on end. In such ... Read More »