Why Microsoft’s audacious vision for the future of computing is finally ready for prime time

Microsoft’s audacious vision for Windows devices that seamlessly blend hardware with software in a unified, holistic experience is finally bearing fruit, after being stuck in a morass for years. The company’s been inching toward this experience ever since it revealed Windows 8, with its touchscreen support and Metro interface. Just last year, the Surface Pro 3 finally became the first ... Read More »

Yieldco slump raises questions over future profits

“We think there is at least a significant risk that future yieldco issuance will be much harder, if not impossible, in current market conditions,” said Robert Clover, director of economic and financial consulting at FTI Intelligence. “We’ve been tracking 13 future new yieldco issues that were in the pipeline to be listed in the coming months, and I’m pretty sure ... Read More »

London’s future black cabs are going green

In a few years, the familiar hum of diesel engines powering London’s black cabs will begin to be replaced by the whirring motors of more efficient vehicles. The London Taxi Company, which for time immemorial has built the overwhelming majority of the capital’s Hackney carriages, today unveiled its next-generation hybrid vehicle. The TX5, which takes several design cues from taxis ... Read More »

Fed’s Williams sees rate rises appropriate in ‘near future’

Despite strong headwinds from overseas that are holding down U.S. inflation, the Federal Reserve should soon begin to raise interest rates to slow down economic growth before it becomes unsustainable, a top Fed official said on Monday. “I do see the time to start raising rates in the near future, from my perspective,” San Francisco Fed President John Williams said ... Read More »

5 ‘Back to the Future’ Techs We’re Psyched Exist

Happy “Back to the Future” Day. In the film of the same name, Marty McFly and Doc Brown use a time-traveling DeLorean to fly from the year 1985 to Oct. 21, 2015. What they find is a world filled with a lot of the futuristic technologies that exist today: flat screen televisions, 3-D movies, drone cameras, tablet PCs, and thumbprint ... Read More »

5 Promises to My Future Daughter

Dear daughter, Next month I’ll become a father for the first time to a girl. You will be my daughter. Your mother and I are blessed with two boys already, and we are thrilled to finally have the blessing of a girl in our home. But, my dear, as I look around the world I see a frightening reality. One ... Read More »

Five Innovation Best Practices For The Future Of Work

My guest for this week’s episode of the Future of Work podcast is Sophie Vandebroek. Sophie is the CTO of Xerox and the President of the Xerox Innovation Group, she also has her Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from Cornell. Sophie shares her extensive knowledge with us today, including her fascinating perspectives on Innovation. We dive in to her personal and ... Read More »

Three Things that Could Determine the Future of College Football

A fantastic and informative new study into the problems of college football has named three main areas that will likely affect if college football survives in its present form for much longer or becomes something drastically different. The study reported by Kent State journalism professor Karl Idsvoog and Bobby Makar, an adjunct professor at Kent State, found that medical science, ... Read More »

Hologram House Calls And The Virtual Future Of Health Care

To open the 9th annual USC Body Computing Conference held earlier this month, Dr. Leslie Saxon, a cardiologist and the conference’s founder, screened a short video for a mixed crowd of technologists and medical specialists. In the video, she stands front of a camera while her image is beamed in real time as a hologram to her patient in Dubai. ... Read More »

In helping the Church stretch, Francis is securing its future

The recently concluded Vatican meeting on families that brought together 270 bishops from every continent underscored the unenviable political high-wire act Pope Francis faces in achieving lasting reforms. The fractious, three-week synod played out against the backdrop of a refreshing papacy that continues to redefine the public face of Catholicism, even as it increasingly provokes deep anxiety and even paranoia ... Read More »