7 ways marijuana dispensaries will look totally different in 2020

Marijuana dispensaries have come a long way from the seedy head shops lining Venice Beach. Today, these brick-and-mortar establishments range from boutique shops where “budtenders” walk you through the product line to fluorescent-lit clinics where medicinal use is emphasized. The dispensary of the future was a hot topic at last week’s New West Summit in San Francisco, California. Here’s what we learned.  Vaporizers of ... Read More »

How to Predict Your Future with One Question

If you could ask a question of yourself, 20 years in the future, what would it be? It sounds like one of those stupid party games, right? In the same ballpark as “which 10 albums would you take with you to a desert island?” It’s an entertaining conundrum when you’ve had too many cocktails, but in a sober moment, who ... Read More »

Future Airbus flights could see you loaded like luggage

You know how when you’re sat in an airline departure gate watching the trucks of luggage get loaded onto the planes like pallets? Well, that’s how Airbus thinks the future of passenger boarding might lay, according to a patent it has just been granted. At first it might sound like a bit of a crude idea, the notion of loading ... Read More »

Your future smartphone’s screen will hardly need any power

As you’re likely all too aware, smartphone screens chew up a lot of power — that’s why turning down your brightness frequently does more to save energy than closing an app. If Bodle Technologies has its way, though, your display will be a virtual non-issue. It’s developing a phase change material that uses virtually no power, but is still sharp, ... Read More »

The Future Of Work Isn’t Just About Big Technology Companies

Many times when we (myself included) speak about the future of work, the conversations tend to skew toward larger companies. However, the reality is that smaller companies are actually poised to do quite well when we think about the changing workplace. They can move fast and are agile when it comes to change. Smaller organizations are able to get access to ... Read More »

PMS as an Early Marker for Future High Blood Pressure Risk

AMHERST, Mass. ­– In the first prospective study to consider premenstrual syndrome (PMS) as a possible sentinel for future risk of hypertension, epidemiologist Elizabeth Bertone-Johnson and colleagues in the School of Public Health and Health Sciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the Harvard School of Public Health report that women with moderate-to-severe PMS had a 40 percent higher ... Read More »

Toyota Mirai Back To The Future edition swings its doors wide open

Even though Back To The Future Day is now in the past, Toyota isn’t ready to let its promotional Mirai vehicle just sit in a closet somewhere. The heavily modified Mr. Fusion-powered Miraiwas first seen at SEMA earlier this month, but it’s also on display at the LA Auto Show. It was our first time getting a good look at ... Read More »

The Broadband Future Has Enemies

As usual, the net neutrality eccentrics have managed to upset themselves over the wrong things. Their latest bête noire is T-Mobile’s John Legere, and not for his excessive reliance on four-letter words. His crime is marketing a new offer to his wireless subscribers: unlimited consumption of Netflix, Hulu and other compliant video services via the cellular network, free of data ... Read More »

Five ways work will change in the future

Browse the business section of any bookshop and you’ll find dozens of titles promising to share the secret to climbing the corporate ladder. But the day is not far off when such books will seem as quaint and outmoded as a housekeeping manual from the 1950s. One of the key workplace trends of the 21st century has been the collapse ... Read More »

Future of human gene editing to be decided at landmark summit

The question could hardly be more profound. Having stumbled upon a simple means to make precise changes to the code of life, should humans take control of their genetic fate, and rewrite the DNA of future generations? Once an idea explored only in fiction, the prospect is now a real one. The inexorable rise of gene editing has put the ... Read More »