We Must Protect the On-Demand Economy to Protect the Future of Work

WHEN PEOPLE TALK about innovation, the term “disruptive” often tags along. Aside from being woefully overused, I’ve always thought this term missed the point. “Disruptive” focuses on the effect innovation has on competitors, instead of focusing on the those who benefit most from technological innovation—the people using the technology. From the perspective of users, technology is not a great “disruptor,” ... Read More »

Fresh Ideas for Future Cities

Historians will probably describe the hundred years to 2050 as the century of the city, the period when people around the world moved away from the countryside in search of jobs and prosperity. As we approach that mid-century point, the pace of urbanisation is only accelerating. Today, about half of the world’s population lives in cities, rising to an expected ... Read More »

Future Islands conquer ‘258-headed beast’ of a world tour

This is our last show for four or five – maybe even six or seven – months,” says Samuel T Herring to a sold-out crowd at the Triffid inBrisbane. For most bands, this would hardly be noteworthy. For Future Islands, it will mark their longest continuous break from live shows since they first got together in 2006. “It’s not like ... Read More »

Microsoft Lumia 950 Review: The Future of Smartphones Is a Bit Undercooked

These days, smartphones are easily our most important devices. We use them as cameras, gaming platforms, music players, text-messengers, calculators, and — occasionally — as phones. But what if they could do even more than that? What if our phones could act as full-on desktop computers? That’s the idea behind Microsoft’s new Continuum app for Windows 10 phones, which debuts on ... Read More »

Another Commission Will Take On the Future of Higher Education

The “future of higher education” landscape — already ringing with cacophonous predictions from all manner of task forces, books, conferences, and self-styled disruptors — is about to get another. This week the American Academy of Arts and Sciences will announce its own Commission on the Future of Undergraduate Education. The commission, which will include more than two dozen leaders from ... Read More »

Is Apple a buy for the future? Traders weigh in

With a string of potential catalysts, Apple holds upside through the end of this year and into 2016, “Fast Money” traders said Monday. The tech giant’s new iPad Pro goes on sale this month. Moving forward, possible ventures like streaming content and car technology could push Apple shares much higher long term, said trader Pete Najarian. “I think it does ... Read More »

Cash Crunch Clouds Future for Oil Firms

The world’s biggest oil companies are struggling to generate enough cash to cover their spending and dividends, despite efforts to slash billions of dollars from their budgets in the face of tumbling oil prices. Spending on new projects, share buybacks and dividends at four of the biggest oil companies known as the supermajors— Royal Dutch Shell PLC, BP PLC, Exxon ... Read More »

The future of land warfare

In today’s U.S. defense policy debates, big land wars are out. Drones, cyber weapons, special forces, and space weapons are in. But what happens if we bet too heavily on these battlefield changes? Both historical and present day concerns argue that it’s not so easy to declare an end to large and messy land wars and other operations. In his ... Read More »

The Unsettling Future of Facial Recognition

The first time I witnessed a camera detect a face to aid the autofocus system, I was amazed. In part because the technology seemed magical and the highlighted rectangle tracking faces seemed like science fiction, and in part because I seem to possess a talent for taking out-of-focus photos. The first time I used Apple Aperture’s facial recognition, I thought ... Read More »

Comcast’s Past, Present and Future

How to spur growth when your traditional industry is shrinking? Dominate, cross sell, and acquire well. The most impressive accomplishment an established company can achieve is growing when its core business has slowed. At the Fortune Global Forum this week in San Francisco, a recurring theme has been how many champions have lost the fight over time. Chip Bergh, CEO ... Read More »