How Postal Life Insurance marches into future with technology

The Directorate of Postal Life Insurance (PLI) under the Department of Posts is an  apex body for the formulation of all policies, products, and administration of the post office insurance fund. The procurement of business, after sales service, and all types of claims management are performed in the field, ie, circles. The Office of Director, PLI, Kolkata under the Directorate ... Read More »

Mumbai school students explore coding, ‘language of future’

MUBAI: It’s not that Nimesh Haldankar hates cats. It’s just that he can’t help smiling every time his hammer thwacks a feline head that dares to peek from a bin. “I prefer dogs,” admits the shy 13-year-old who recently created this wicked computer game with a few other dog-loving boys from his school. “It’s easy,” says Haldankar, showing you how ... Read More »

Won’t go for Videocon-like deals in near future, says Idea Cellular

Idea Cellular stunned the telecommunications sector earlier this week by agreeing to pay Rs 3,310 crore to Videocon Telecommunications for the right to use spectrum in the 1800 MHz band in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh West (2×5 MHz contiguous blocks of 1800 MHz in each service area). What has come as a surprise to the industry is the price that ... Read More »

Network18 journalists on ground – Will Bihar decide future course of national politics?

The results of the Bihar Assembly elections will be declared on Sunday. It is being seen as a direct fight between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar–Lalu Yadav combine. If the BJP-led NDA fails to come to power in Bihar, Modi’s leadership might take a big hit. If the NDA wins Bihar, Modi will become stronger and can silence ... Read More »

The future of U.S.-EU data transfer arrangements

For 15 years, the world’s largest trade relationship has been undergirded by the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework, which has enabled the transatlantic flow of personal information despite differences in the United States and European Union privacy regimes. An October 6 ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union invalidating this framework made headlines and sent shock waves through ... Read More »

BNP Paribas sells Rs 113-cr worth shares in Future Group

Financial services firm BNP Paribas Arbitrage on Thursday divested 3.62 percent stake in Future Consumer  Enterprises (FCEL) for Rs 113.40 crore in an open market transaction. According to the exchanges’ bulk deal data, BNP Paribas sold 6 crore shares or 3.62 percent stake in the Kishore Biyani-led company at a price of Rs 18.90 per share. As of September 2015, ... Read More »

Up in Michigan: three Midwest furniture makers conceive the offices of the future

In one way at least, the future of office design most closely resembles its past. For over a century, designers, carpenters, engineers, graphic designers and at least one sculptor, based in factories and studios in and around the otherwise perfectly unremarkable city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, have devised, produced and exported the environment in which many of us spend our ... Read More »

Steve Evans drops future Leeds United team selection hint

Steve Evans has told the Yorkshire Evening Post that he will continue to pick Leeds United teams on form, rather than reputations. Evans stuck with Scott Wootton at right-back for Leeds’ most recent fixture against Charlton Athletic, despite the return of Gaetano Berardi from suspension. And although the selection choice was a controversial one with supporters, the 53-year-old boss feels ... Read More »

UPDATE 6-Puerto Rico avoids second default, but future payments uncertain

NEW YORK/SAN JUAN, Dec 1 Puerto Rico made a crucial debt payment on Tuesday but warned that its deteriorating finances could trigger future defaults, as the governor granted the U.S. territory power to take revenues from public agencies. There had been speculation Puerto Rico would default on all or part of the $355 million notes issued by its financing arm, ... Read More »

West Indies has future star hidden in squad for Australia tour: Courtney Walsh

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