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Land Rover’s 2016 Disco spied, plus info on next Defender and more

A new Discovery in more ways than one: this is the all-new 2016 Land Rover Discovery, spied testing on public roads in Germany. Under the black and white camouflage, it seems the iconic Discovery silhouette has undergone a significant change. The arrow-straight roofline appears dramatically lower, and the front more rounded, with a similar nose treatment to the smaller Discovery ... Read More »

Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo lounges about at the 2015 Tokyo show

The new Vision Tokyo looks oddly familiar somehow? You might be thinking of the F 015 Luxury in Motionconcept, a self-driving limo with a private lounge interior revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this year. The Vision Tokyo is cut from the same futuristic cloth, but while the Luxury in Motion sat four occupants in individual ... Read More »

Honda Project 2&4: a step closer to production?

Honda’s Project 2&4 concept has been given a second motor show airing at Tokyo 2015. The fantastic Frankfurt debutant has cutely switched its seat to the right-hand side for drive-on-the-left Tokyo. Powered by a 220bhp MotoGP engine and weighing 405kg, think of the 2&4 as Honda’s Ariel Atom. Is the 2&4 any closer to reality? Designer Martin Petersson hopes so, ... Read More »

Yamaha Sports Ride concept sports car for Tokyo 2015

Yamaha showed an intriguing concept for a new sports car at the 2015 Tokyo show. Called the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept, it was designed in association with engineer extraordinaire Gordon Murray – and features the first carbonfibre application of his new iStream manufacturing process. Composites would keep weight comfortably lower than 1000kg, making for a lightweight rival to the Lotus ... Read More »

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell (2016) review

The fuel cell car continues to polarise the automotive world. The pro lobby sees them as the long-range personal transport solution of a hydrogen-based society, holding a glass to their exhaust pipe and smugly drinking the car’s waste output as proof of its green credentials. Critics laugh at the wastefulness of using (lots of) electricity to create the necessary hydrogen, ... Read More »

Hydrogen-powered Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell costs £53,000

Prices have been announced today for Hyundai’s hydrogen fuel cell-powered ix35. Vaunted as the first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle to go on mainstream sale, it costs £53,105. That figure’s helped by part-funding from the European HyFive project, a hydrogen fuel consortium of which Hyundai’s a member, which cuts around £15,000 from the price. Without taking that into account, the ix35 ... Read More »

Tokyo motor show 2015 review and A-Z of all the new cars

You land bleary-eyed, rush through vast urban canyons teeming with traffic and arrive at the magnificent Big Sight exhibition centre absolutely convinced of one thing: Tokyo doesn’t need any more cars. And yet once again the city has laid on a show of delight and intrigue, from lounge-like autonomous Merc concepts to a sports car – the sensational RX-Vision – ... Read More »

Lexus LF-FC points to next LS at Tokyo motor show

Lexus has dropped a huge hint at the direction of its next LS limousine, due in the next couple of years. The new LF-FC, unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo motor show, is a flagship four-door coupe ‘that provides a glimpse into Lexus’s design and technology direction for a future flagship saloon.’ Yep, sounds like the new Lexus LS, alright. Tellingly, ... Read More »

It’s optional extras that car buyers need to think about carefully”

Too often new car buyers don’t think about optional extras – and that’s a big mistake, says Mike Rutherford I honestly can’t remember the last time I drove a mainstream all-new model that was badly designed, unsafe, poor performing or unreliable. The hundreds I’ve driven over the last couple of years have started and stopped impressively. Each one has eagerly ... Read More »

Progress report: we compare Honda models old and new

We look at how Honda’s cars have evolved by comparing six of its class leaders at launch with their modern equivalents Time doesn’t stand still in the car market, and innovation can soon be made to look out of date. But is this really the case with the most pioneering models in Honda’s history? We’ve picked out six cars that ... Read More »