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2015 Mazda MX-5 review | road test

The waiting list is not as long as the one for the Ford Mustang, which now stretches beyond customer No. 3000, but the enthusiasm reflects well on a car that should be described as THE new MX-5 and not just A new one. This one is closer to the original from 1989 than the cars that came between — it’s ... Read More »

‘Crazy’ demand for new HiLux is 86-like

Toyota is comparing “crazy” buyer response to its new HiLux utility with the frenzied reception the 86 sports car received when it first went on sale in Australia. And while it’s shying away from predicting sports car-like waiting lists for its new pick-up, it’s acknowledging that after just two weeks on sale demand for some models already stretches into 2016. ... Read More »

2015 Peugeot 208 GTi 30th Anniversary edition review

The regular GTi is a handy little hot hatch but the Anniversary Edition (let’s call it AE) is something else again. Peugeot Sport, the company’s racing arm, has been let loose on the little hatch, thrown the keys to the parts bin and given a cheque to buy in premium parts. For a $6000 premium, you get a seriously quick ... Read More »

5 new cars coming in October 2015

Maruti Ertiga facelift Maruti will soon launch the updated and the facelifted version of the Eriga in India. The new Ertiga will get a new front end design with a new grille and of course a new bumper that is similar to the one found on the Ciaz. The new Ertiga will also get an updated interior that features a ... Read More »

Volkswagen’s emissions ‘cheat’ software scandal: UK sales slump 10%

Sales of Volkswagens have dipped by nearly 10% in October 2015, it emerged today as the UK’s new car sales figures were released. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) said that VW sold 13,970 vehicles last month, down from 15,495 in the same month last year, as buyers stayed away in the confusion over #dieselgate. But in the ... Read More »

Subaru Levorg 1.6i DIT Lineartronic (2015) review

Is Subaru’s car range the most confusing line-up currently on sale? I’d argue it is. The new Levorg is a case in point – it’s another muddy estate car with a similar country squire vibe to the Outback, XV and Forester. All take the brand’s full-time four-wheel drive system and boxer engines and wrap them in typically boxy, no-nonsense Subaru ... Read More »

Talk about clean-sheet design: meet the origami Nissan Juke

This’ll crease you up. Perhaps keen to out-craft Lexus’s recent cardboard IS publicity stunt, Nissan has commissioned British artist Owen Gildersleeve to quite literally rustle up a full-size replica of the Juke, entirely from paper. Why? It’s an admirably flimsy stunt, partly to celebrate the Juke’s fifth birthday, and partly to coincide with current ‘World Origami Days’ celebrations. Obviously. And ... Read More »

Lexus NX300h hybrid (2015) long-term test review

Nice touches – every Lexus has them. You can be unsure about the obsession with hybrids (and I am), you can question the looks (you shouldn’t – it looks great), you can pooh-pooh the packaging (yep, the boot’s not huge). But the touches will win you round like a cheeky charmer who you just can’t stay mad at. I’ve just ... Read More »

Porsche Panamera Mk2 spyshots: it’s 2016’s new Panam, codenamed G2

Engineers in Stuttgart are busy preparing the new 2016Porsche Panamera for launch next year – and our spy photographers have caught new photos of a prototype that’s dropped some of its camo. That gives us a clearer look at a car that appears altogether sleeker and more attractively proportioned than its predecessor, with 3D-effect tail-lights like those of the freshly facelifted 991. ... Read More »

Can the BMW 5-series GT discover its handsome side for 2016?

It’s polarised the critics and hasn’t exactly set the sales charts alight, but the BMW 5-series Gran Turismo will return, these spyshots confirm. As revealed in CAR’s scoop dossier, the GT will bookend the new sixth-generation G30 5-series range together with the Touring estate version. The new 5-series saloon is due to launch in late 2016; expect the GT to ... Read More »