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Suzuki Baleno 1.0 Boosterjet (2016) review

With an impressive line-up of Swifts to take on the Fiesta, and the Celerio on Up-baiting city car duties, we’d understand if Suzuki’s small car range left you baffled. So where does the new Baleno fit? Above both, actually, but only just. It’s fractionally longer nose-to-tail and wider than the Swift; but more squat in its stance, better-equipped, and while ... Read More »

Regular Car Reviews Says Dodge SRT Hellcat Is Dumber Than A Bag Of Hammers

Ever since launching last year, the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has been well received by both enthusiasts and the automotive press alike. It is not only incredibly powerful and therefore insanely fast, but comfortable enough to be driven on a daily basis and eye-catching enough to drop jaws and snap necks. As you’d imagine however, the Challenger SRT Hellcat ... Read More »

How the Engine From a Toyota Station Wagon Can Make an MR2 Nearly Perfect

The Toyota MR2 is, for this maligned journalist, the best car our species has ever created because it marks the point when there was no going back—no going back to stay-the-course, no-replacement-for-displacement domestics. The AW11 would out-turn anything but the most Olympic Steroid-ed wide-body Fox Mustang. Ethically sound and frugally-built, AW11’s stood at the parapet of new thinking. Behind the ... Read More »

Review: Smartphone-controlled racing with Robotic Enhanced Vehicles

Remote controlled cars make for some great small-scale demolition derbies, but unless there’s a second person to play with, the game gets dull real fast. At this year’s London Toy Fair, WowWee unveiled its Robotic Enhanced Vehicles (REV), robotic race cars that allow players to battle against one another or against an AI opponent. We recently charged up a pair, ... Read More »

Toyota Prius C

Take the uninspired underpinnings of the Toyota Yaris and mix with it an even less powerful version of the Prius hybrid powertrain and you get the Prius C. The C rides on a shorter wheelbase than the regular Prius, and the C’s combined horsepower, at 99, is less than the 134 hp of the Prius. The EPA rates the C ... Read More »

Jaguar F-type 3.0 V6 manual (2015) review

It’s amazing how rarely we get to drive the lowliest models in car manufacturers’ ranges. Cars on launch events, and frequently on press fleets, tend to come from the upper echelons, with spicier engines, trims and options galore. How refreshing then to test the latest Jaguar F-type in remarkably unadorned form. This is the 2015 F-type roadster in lower-powered 335bhp ... Read More »

The Tesla Model S P85 Is Regular Car Reviews’ New Benchmark To Beat

The Tesla Model S P85 is simply the best car Regular Car Reviews has driven so far this side of a mysterious Volkswagen we all know doesn’t really exist. Too bad the Tesla is not a regular car. Romeo and Juliet should have had sex in a Tesla Model S. Not necessarily with each other. After that, they should have ... Read More »

Mercedes-AMG GT (2016) review

I fear that no-one is going to buy this car – which seems a ridiculous thing to say given how gorgeous it looks in the pictures. But I just can’t help thinking if you’re going to spurn the obvious Porsche 911 and purchase a Mercedes-AMG GT, you’re going to go the whole hog, so to speak, and pay the extra £13,300 ... Read More »

Most Read Car Reviews of the Week: December 6 – 13

The new luxury SUV has lost a ton of weight and it is packed with tons of new technology. Next up is our look at the new Toyota Prius. The Prius is more efficient than ever before and it has an all-new look that is a bit polarizing. The Subaru Crosstrek was also popular last week. We took Subaru’s small ... Read More »

Skoda Superb estate: car review

“What’s the best car you’ve driven?” It’s a question I am often asked and I know the answer I am supposed to give. Something like: “Oh, that DBS from Casino Royale wasn’t too bad” or “Well, the 1956 Le Mans D-Type, now valued at £3m, was pretty cool…” And yes, these are truly extraordinary cars to drive. But they are ... Read More »