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Telegraph Cars: Review of the Year 2015

The Telegraph Cars team look back at 2015, picking out the events that made the headlines – and those they simply enjoyed the most. Volkswagen may have lost our trust, but there was also plenty to celebrate Steve Huntingford, Editor, Telegraph Cars Above all, this year will be remembered for the Volkswagen emissions cheating scandal, a story that dominated the headlines for weeks ... Read More »

The Tesla Model S P85 Is Regular Car Reviews’ New Benchmark To Beat

The Tesla Model S P85 is simply the best car Regular Car Reviews has driven so far this side of a mysterious Volkswagen we all know doesn’t really exist. Too bad the Tesla is not a regular car. Romeo and Juliet should have had sex in a Tesla Model S. Not necessarily with each other. After that, they should have ... Read More »

MG6 DTi (2015) review

In giving the MG6 a rare positive review back in July 2013 we warned readers to ‘dismiss it at your peril’. Clearly, you’re not averse to a bit of peril, as all of you, plus nearly everybody else, duly dismissed it. Undaunted, and buoyed by the much better-received MG3 model, MG6 bounces back with an aggressive price cut, a redesigned ... Read More »

Renault Megane GT (2016) review – Renaultsport junior?

The third generation Renault Megane is being shuffled off to the retirement home many thought it had been ensconced in for years, to be replaced in 2016 by an all-new model, the launch ambitiously heralded with a Renaultsport-developed 202bhp GT five door hatch to prove the range’s dynamic, sexier credentials. So what’s new about the Renault Megane GT? Well, there ... Read More »

Small SUV car reviews: Renault Kadjar, Nissan Qashaqi and Peugeot 3008 crossovers cross-examined

Nissan gave up on traditional hatchbacks and saloons when it lauched the Qashqai almost ten years ago. A brave move, and one that gave it the smash-hit SUV that’s come to define the crossover market. Renault thinks it’s found a way to steal the Qashqai’s thunder, though. In fact, the Kadjar has most of the same chassis and engines as ... Read More »

The 2001 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 Is the Corvette That’s Not a Corvette

Back in 2001, if you chose the WS6 version of the Firebird, your car came with the GM’s LT1 engine. It was the same engine you got in the Corvette, making 325 horsepower and 365 pound-feet of torque. As cool as that was, you have to wonder who would spend the money to get a Corvette that’s not a Corvette? Whether ... Read More »

Dilwale review: Cars topple, dons fly, Shetty laughs, viewers cry

Gone are the days when local goons bullied Indians in central Europe. We now have our own mafia bosses in that part of the world. If Akshay Kumar cut them to size inside Romania in Singh Is Bliing, Shah Rukh Khan riddled them with a million more bullets than Kumar in Bulgaria. And yes, Khan has definitely blown more cars ... Read More »

Regular Car Reviews Says Dodge SRT Hellcat Is Dumber Than A Bag Of Hammers

Ever since launching last year, the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has been well received by both enthusiasts and the automotive press alike. It is not only incredibly powerful and therefore insanely fast, but comfortable enough to be driven on a daily basis and eye-catching enough to drop jaws and snap necks. As you’d imagine however, the Challenger SRT Hellcat ... Read More »

Mazda 2 1.5 Sport Black (2015) review

Well, the Mazda 2 Sport Black certainly looks the part. A limited edition based on the SE-L Nav spec we tested earlier in the year, Mazda has thrown the accessories catalogue at it, and enough bits stuck to give it the appearance of quite the junior nutcase. The graphics packs might be a bit Fast and Furious, but we can’t ... Read More »

Audi A4 2.0 TDI 190 Sport manual (2015) review

What kind of junior exec buyer are you? Are you all about the machismo and the driving experience, or are you more interested in 19-speaker hifi systems, Bluetooth connectivity that can sync two phones at once, a backseat tablet entertainment package that allows HD video conferencing, and a suite of assistance systems so comprehensive the car’s brain is happy to ... Read More »