Car’s Smart Brake Fails, Runs Into Hostess At Auto Show

Car's Smart Brake Fails, Runs Into Hostess At Auto Show

The woman reportedly wasn’t badly hurt in the incident.
Ouch! That must’ve hurt. A video circulating on social media shows the exact moment a car ran into a hostess at an auto show in Sichuan, China. The car was ironically demonstrating its smart brake system when the incident occurred.

According to a post shared by Trending in China on Facebook, the incident took place on May 20. “A hostess screams when a SUV demonstrated its SMART brake system during an auto show in Sichuan on May 20,” says the post along with the video. The woman wasn’t badly hurt in the incident, reports She was also rushed to a hospital, reports

The organisers of the show blamed ‘improper operation’ by the staff for the the system’s failure, reports DailyMail.
“We are deeply sorry over problems in operation and management, which led to this event,” said a statement by the organisers according to Mashable. “We will tighten our control and management of this situation, so this will not happen again.”

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