Car Bros

It’s the definitive source for information on the Dodge Demon Challenger Hellcat Charger thing.

When it comes to internet videos, there is a genre that pretty much leaves the rest in the dust. We’re speaking of course about cat videos, because who doesn’t love watching cats knock things off tables and acting all cute? A close second to that would be car videos, because these days anyone with a GoPro and an opinion can become an instant star, and by that we mean a star among millions of other car fans on YouTube striving to emulate their role models.

Take, for instance, the guys at Car Bros. Their latest video takes an amusing swipe at The Smoking Tire, which is known for one-take car reviews in a variety of rides. People often say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so when we came across Jalopnik’s report on this parody of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat review, we had to check it out for ourselves. And we’ll say this much at least – there are a few grin-worthy moments in the clip that make the 10-minute distraction worthwhile.

Of course, this all makes more sense if you’ve seen videos from The Smoking Tire because the parody is actually pretty darned accurate. Still, there are a few laughs to be had for those who aren’t that familiar with the series. The premise of a car reviewer who knows nothing about cars is rather dull, but the grinding noise with every gear change is a nice touch, and the hitchhiker sprinting away at the end is good for a surprise laugh.

Does the video rewrite comedy? Not really, but it does offer a refreshing change from the norm. Perhaps one day we’ll see a Motor1 Why Buy parody – that would be all kinds of fun.