Buying A Used Car In India: A Complete Guide

Buying a car in India for some might be a basic necessity, for the more indulgent it can be a status symbol, but for the majority it is a dream come true. Whatever the reason may be, a car is an important part of Indian households. But buying a car is a very major financial decision, which involves a lot of savings, and farsightedness into the future. The concept of buying used cars started taking ground in recent years when people started realising that used cars can be as good as new cars. However, many of us still refrain from the idea as it involves tons of research and a substantial amount of risk. With the advent of online used car platforms, things have gotten easier for the common Indian.

Image showing used cars

But the question of reliability still haunts used car buyers, as chances of getting a good used car are still relatively low. Enter online used car dealers. Unlike offline used car dealers whose sole aim is to get rid of a car in the name of a sale. Online car dealers, like Spinny, make it a point to go the extra distance and check the car extensively before putting it up for sale. They also offer warranties and guarantees should the car run into any post sale troubles. Combined with trust and reliability, Indian online used car platforms are fast becoming used car buyers’ go to source for procuring used cars.