BMW reveals M4 GTS – for those who take track time seriously

There are those who love to have a road car they can also take to a track, and the BMW M4 is one of the better choices out there. But for some, 445 horsepower just doesn’t cut it. That’s where the M4 GTS comes in, with even more power than the stock M4, lighter weight and aerodynamic features ideally suited for serious speed and traction.All that aero. A huge, adjustable wing sits atop the trunk lid of the GTS looking very boy-racer; whether drivers will know what to do with it remains to be seen. Same goes for the adjustable carbon fibre splitter jutting out at the front, of which I’m sure BMW dealers are salivating about the repair bills for replacement after the inevitable curb damage.Weighing 1,510 kilograms, the GTS is more than 90 kilograms lighter than the M4. BMW M4 GTS revealed at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. (Neil Vorano for The Globe and Mail)That’s down to extensive use of carbon fibre-reinforced plastics in body parts and interior pieces, ditching the rear seats, using a titanium muffler, and even replacing the interior door handles with straps to lighten the load. At the rear, the tail lights now have neon-like “organic” LEDs, the first use of the technology on any BMW. Carbon ceramic brakes and adjustable coilover suspension are standard, and an optional Clubsport Package adds a roll bar, six-point safety harnesses and a fire extinguisher.