BMW M8 will have 590bhp and all-wheel drive

BMW M8 will have 590bhp and all-wheel drive

–    The M8 will be powered by the pumped-up version of the 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8.

–    Prototype testing is underway at the Estoril circuit in Portugal.

–    Market launch confirmed in early 2019. 

BMW has finally confirmed the launch of M8 during its final phase of the series production development process. It is currently undergoing track time at the Estoril grand-prix racing circuit in Portugal. The M8 will be the new flagship vehicle from BMW M division and will be joined by M8 Convertible and M8 Gran Coupe in coming years.

The all-new M8 will be powered by the same 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 which currently does duty in the M5. But in the flagship coupe, it will be punching out a whopping 440kW (590bhp) and similar to its super-saloon brethren, the power will be sent to BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive system. However, to keep things tail-happy, the xDrive will have a rear-wheel bias with 2WD mode as well.

BMW promises that after the M Division’s involvement, the 8 Coupe will have a minimized weight, lower centre of gravity, even weight distribution and optimum track-width and wheelbase. Apart from the weight saving measures, the M8 will also have high levels of rigidity in the chassis components, mountings and overall body structure. Moreover, it will also deliver exceptional directional stability, steering precision and cornering dynamics.

In simple terms, the M8 will be a proper high-performance coupe in the leagues of Aston Martin and Ferrari. It will be eying the DB11 and GTC4 Lusso apart from Bentley’s upcoming Continental GT Sport. But the direct competition for it will be the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe. BMW might be positioning the M8 as the ultimate driving machine, but given the amount of comfort and features it will come laden with, there won’t be any denying that the M8 can and will double as a powerful cross-continental car.

BMW confirms the market launch of the M8 in early 2019 but we won’t be surprised to see it digitally revealed towards the end of this year. Later the Coupe will be joined by two other body types – M8 Cabriolet and M8 Gran Coupe. An Indian debut is imminent, but that will happen only by the end of next year or maybe in 2020.