Bentley’s EV could be out by 2025

Bentley’s EV could be out by 2025

EV could be out before 2025

– Till then plug-in hybrids will take the green initiative

Bentley is pretty much old school when it comes to its cars. In this age of going green and down-sizing, Bentley’s are still the epitome of everything excess. Be it size, luxury or engines. But with choking CO2 emission targets they are in a dire situation to go green.

As a result Bentley is contemplating its first EV, the decision which will be due in a years’ time. If all goes to plan, Bentley’s all-electric car could be out before 2025. Now we have already written about Audi and Porsche co-developing a new platform called the Premium Platform Electric which will concentrate on premium electric vehicles. Bentley could use the same in a bid to quicken the development.

While the massive V8 and W12 engines won’t comply with the upcoming emissions, Bentley will be applying hybrid technology till the EV comes out. Bentley and Porsche have been sharing plenty. Bentley provides financing through Porsche’s financial services arm. Also, Bentley has shifted the latest Continental GT on the rear-wheel drive MSB platform developed by Porsche.