Bajaj launches new Avengers

Avoiding any silly Marvel references, let’s cut to the chase: Bajaj has rolled out three ‘new’ Avengers, but they’re not 100 per cent new. More like 11 per cent new.
There’s the shiny, chrome-laden 220 Cruise, which, says Bajaj, gets a new handlebar, new radiator, and a new silencer. There’s new stickers, the seat is a bit cushier and you can spec it with a windshield if you so please.

Car image

The 220 Street, on the other hand, rocks a matt black and brushed silver finish, alloy wheels and a lower, flatter handlebar to improve manoeuvrability. It doesn’t just share its name with a certain Harley-Davidson, it looks curiously similar, too. The 220cc motor makes 19bhp and 17.5Nm of torque.

The newest of the lot is the 150 Street. In terms of appearance, it is almost like its bigger-hearted sibling, except it doesn’t get the matt black paint, and has to make do with the ‘midnight blue’ colour scheme. Its 149cc single-pot (not related to the Pulsar AS 150’s) puts out 14.5bhp and 12.5Nm of torque.

And that’s about it. All three bikes share the same chassis, the same five-speed gearbox, all come with front disc brakes (no ABS, to keep costs down), have a 14-litre fuel tank, and weigh around 150kg.

The 220 Cruise and Street have been priced at Rs 84,000, while the 150 Street is yours for Rs 75,000 (ex-showroom, Delhi).